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6x6 Green Grow Master Greenhouse - £299

6x6 Green Grow Master Greenhouse
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Greenhouse Dimensions

Greenhouse Size Diagram
  • A: 1930mm (6ft 4")
  • B:1950mm (6ft 4")
  • C:2095mm (6ft 8")
  • D:1365mm (4ft 4")
  • E: 610mm (2ft)
  • F: 1610mm (5ft 2")
  • Minimum size for your Greenhouse base 1930mm x 1950mm

Grow Master Glazing System

Simplicity and Strength

The Grow Master uses a new glazing channel system into which the polycarbonate glazing simply slides. The glazing is held in place within the aluminium frame itself maximising this greenhouses wind resistant qualities. The glazing in this greenhouse won't blow out in the slightest breeze like on many "cheap greenhouses" and neither will it be affected by children booting balls at it, we tested this ourselves!

  • Grow King 8ft x 6ft Greenhouse Glazing
    Glazing Bars
  • Grow King 8ft x 6ft Greenhouse Glazing
    Glazing Bars Installation
  • Grow King 8ft x 6ft Greenhouse Glazing
    Glazing Slots In

Grow Master Base with Corner Posts

Place on hard or even SOFT GROUND!

grow king corner post

The usual golden rule when erecting a greenhouse is to place it on a hard and level surface so as to keep the greenhouse from twisting or becoming unstable over time.

If you want to install your greenhouse on soft ground then our Grow Master steel bases come with corner posts that you can bolt to the base. These posts are roughly 18 inches long and can be sunk into soil and then concreted in place once your greenhouse is level and square.

If you are intending to put your greenhouse on slabs or concrete then you simply don't attach the posts to the base, simple!

Solid Construction

A greenhouse with proper bracing for strength

The Grow Master Greenhouse features the kind of bracing that you only normally see on greenhouses twice the price! Corner bracing and extensive roof bracing are STANDARD FEATURES on the Grow King.

  • Grow Master 8ft x 6ft Greenhouse Constuction
    Corner Bracing
  • Grow Master 8ft x 6ft Greenhouse Constuction
    Roof Bracing
  • Grow Master 8ft x 6ft Greenhouse Constuction
    Corner Bracing
  • £299 inc VAT
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Standard Features Include:

  • 6ft 4" (1930mm) Wide Greenhouse - Width across gable end.
  • New Glazing Channel System - No more fiddly glazing clips.
  • Green Powder Coated Aluminum Frame - No rust or discolourisation.
  • Green Galvanised Steel Base - For rigidity and strength.
  • Green Base Corner Posts - You can place this greenhouse on any surface.
  • 1 Opening Roof Vent - Allowing hot air to escape.
  • 4mm Twin Wall Polycarbonate Glazing - Safety and heat retention.
  • Extra Bracing - For strength in roof and corners.
  • 10 Year Warranty - For aluminium frame and steel base.

The Grow Master 6x6 Green Greenhouse is the ultimate polycarbonate greenhouse for the family garden or allotment.

The Grow Master green 6ft x 6ft uses a revolutionary new glazing system that dispenses with fiddly and unreliable glazing clips once and for all! The glazing slides neatly into channels within the aluminium frame and is kept in place by solid aluminium, not little flimsy clips!

Polycarbonate glazing is ultimately the SAFEST glazing for families and environments where children are present as it's virtually unbreakable. However, if you live in a very windy environment where the greenhouse is constantly exposed to high winds then we generally recommend a greenhouse with toughened safety glass.

Grow Master Assembly Instructions
Anodised Greenhouse Frame

A Greenhouse frame that stays like new!

Anodised Aluminium Frames are standard on Grow Master Greenhouses. Anodising an aluminium greenhouse frame offers protection, corrosion resistance and hardness to keep your greenhouse frame looking pristine and shiny throughout its life.

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Recommended Accessories Discount Pack (15% OFF)

Shelving and Staging Options:

  • 1 Tier Green Staging

    1 Tier Green Staging

    Single Tier green work surface and storage space. Dimensions: 0.75m (H) x 0.5m (D) x 1.2m (W)



  • Top Tier Green Staging Extension

    Top Tier Green Staging Extension

    This little shelf fits onto our 1 or 2 Tier staging to give you a bit more storage space.



  • Folding Green Staging

    Folding Green Staging

    This green staging simply folds out from the frame of your greenhouse when you need it and is supported by 2 folding legs.



  • Folding Green Shelf SAVE £16 36%OFF

    Folding Green Shelf

    This little silver folding shelf is handy for storing plants, seeds or tools in your greenhouse and folds away when you don’t need it.



Ventilation & Temperature Control Options:

  • Auto Louvre Opener SAVE £20 41%OFF

    Auto Louvre Opener

    This automatic opener mechanism will open your louvre window for you when you’re not around. No need to worry about ventilation, this does it automatically for you! (Does not include louvre window).


  • Curtain Shading SAVE £13 35%OFF

    Curtain Shading

    Curtain Shading will provide extra shade for your plants in hot weather preventing your plants from scorching.



  • Max / Min Thermometer

    Max / Min Thermometer

    This thermometer will tell you your maximum daytime temperature as well as record the lowest night time temperature in your greenhouse.



  • Soil Thermometer

    Soil Thermometer

    This Soil Thermometer will let you track the temperature of your soil inside the greenhouse.


  • Hygrometer


    This Hygrometer will measure the humidity levels inside your greenhouse.



Rainwater Kit

Greenhouse Flooring

The Fastfit 6x6 Greenhouse Floor Kit is the most cost effective and simple way of providing a level floor for your Greenhouse.

  • Fastfit 6x6 Greenhouse Floor Kit

    Fastfit 6x6 Greenhouse Floor Kit

    The 6x6 Greenhouse Floor Kit comes with a simple to construct click together system complete with water permeable membrane to provide essential drainage for your greenhouse whilst keeping the weeds at bay. Quick and easy preparation means no waiting times for concrete to dry.

    NOTE: This kit must be placed on a level and compacted surface that will not subside. It is essential that a greenhouse is built onto a hard, level surface to ensure stability and a long working life.


6x6 Green Grow Master Greenhouse

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