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Mini Greenhouses

Juliana Balcony Greenhouse

If you’re limited for space in your garden or yard at home, or maybe you have only a balcony, then a mini greenhouse might be just what you need.

Mini Greenhouses offer a space saving alternative to a full-size greenhouse in a smaller garden. We have mini greenhouses for sale to suit most gardeners, no matter what space you have available. Choose from our superb range of mini lean to greenhouses from the best mini greenhouse manufacturers, like Juliana, Halls, Vitavia and Elite.

If you want a mini wooden greenhouse then our Swallow Lark 4ft x 4ft greenhouse with free installation may be perfect for you.

Need a slightly larger greenhouse? Maybe look at our small greenhouses.

All of our mini greenhouses and cold frames are delivered free in the UK.

Our Top Selling Mini Greenhouses