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Palmako Log Cabins

Palmako Log Cabins

Log cabins have become enormously popular in Britain – and throughout Europe – over the last twenty-five years, and a number of companies have tried to take advantage of that trend. One manufacturer, however, stands out: Palmako Garden Buildings.

Palmako has been one of the continent’s leading producers of high-quality log houses since the start of the 21st century, and manufactures more than 40,000 of them every year. The company takes great care to create products which are environmentally-friendly. That doesn’t mean any compromises when it comes to functionality or looks, though; they are also painstakingly designed and crafted, and exceptionally beautiful.There’s an extensive range of Palmako Log Cabins: smaller structures suited for use as storage sheds or garden rooms, medium-sized ones which are perfect as home offices, studios or playrooms, and large log houses ideal for holiday or rental homes. And there’s an enormous selection of design options available throughout the Palmako line, so no matter what type of building you want for your garden or property, you don’t have to “settle” for a lesser structure. You’ll find a sturdy, attractive log cabin to meet your needs.

Features of Palmako Log Cabins

People choose log houses for many reasons, but key among them are the structures’ durability and strength. Palmako log cabins are designed to provide the ultimate performance in both areas.All of the company’s cabins are built from top-quality Nordic spruce which has been FSC certified. Many other manufacturers “force grow” their forests in order to produce as much timber as possible; Palmako, however, allows its trees to grow naturally in extremely harsh temperatures and conditions. The logs used to build their cabins are unusually strong and can withstand anything that British winters can throw at them. (They also have a wonderful, yet subtle, natural aroma which can make you feel as though you’re in the middle of a remote forest, even if you’re really in a small garden in the suburbs of London.)There’s much more to Palmako log cabins than just their high-quality natural wood. For starters, nothing is left to chance in the design of the structures. You’ll find that for most models roofs and floor boards are solid timbers with tongue-and-groove construction, corner fittings are Chalet-cut to make them weather-resistant, and foundation joist bearers are all pressure-treated. Larger models have strong corner braces for stability and roof purlins to handle heavy snow loads, and all cabins with walls 34mm or thicker use double-tongue construction for added warmth.The windows, doors and fixtures in Palmako log cabins vary by model, but their quality is superb and far beyond those found in many competitors’ buildings: laminated door frames with stainless steel-covered low sills, large tilt-and-turn windows with real double-glazed glass, and top-of-the-line steel door locks and latches. You can also choose from roofing options like rubber EPDM, felt or felt tiles. And assembly is much easier than you might expect. All Palmako log houses come complete with the all of the fittings you’ll need, as well as detailed instruction manuals which are available in five different languages.We’ve referred to the many different types of exquisite log cabins manufactured by Palmako; here’s a closer look.

Palmako Log Cabin Models

Let’s begin with log cabins which are just right for garden rooms. Palmako offers nearly two dozen log houses which would work perfectly as a peaceful getaway spot in the garden, perhaps as a studio or home office. They’re also suited for use as a home gym, playroom or even as guest accommodations. Several examples:

  • The traditional 9 x 6 Palmako Brest, with apex roof, single door and window, and optional floor.
  • The contemporary 20 x 11 Palmako Heidi, with flat roof, double glassed doors, two oversized double-glazed tilt-and-turn windows, and 28mm tongue-and-groove flooring.
  • The modern 16 x 18 Palmako Lyon, with apex roof, double-glazed doors and windows, and a large canopy area with an optional cabin extension.Corner log cabins allow you to take an unused portion of your garden and turn it into a beautiful featured area. Whether you choose to use these cabins for storing tools or furniture, or as summerhouse or gazebo-style structures, they will add a touch of class to your property. Just a few of the models available:
  • The octagonal 11-foot Palmako Carmen 7, with large 4mm double windows all the way around the structure, tongue-and-groove floor, roof and wall elements and double outward-opening doors, which would be a lovely centerpiece for any garden.
  • The classic 10 x 10 Palmako Sarah, with low-profile apex roof, glassed double doors and two opening double windows, full tongue-and-groove construction and an extra rear storage area, perfect for any use imaginable.
  • The stunning 10-foot octagonal Palmako Kylie, built in gingerbread-house style with a high peaked shingled roof which will stand out in any location, with an optional grill stove and roof smoke extractor available.

Residential log cabins offer more size, more flexibility, and more designs which can match any property or neighbourhood. A sampling of the Palmako log cabins which fit into this category:

  • The 19 x 14 Palmako Sandra, built in a charming cottage style with apex roof, covered veranda, living space divided into three integral rooms, a full complement of tilt-and-turn double-glazed windows with rubber seals, metal water gutters, and tongue-and-groove construction with pressure-treated boards and joists.
  • The 18 x 12 Palmako Sunny, with two floors (two downstairs rooms and an upstairs mezzanine) designed in an Alpine style, a high apex roof and veranda, full wind braces, double-glazed tilt-and-turn windows, and thick 70mm logs.
  • The 39 x 19 Palmako Molly 3, with enough floor space (divided into five rooms) for year-round living, a large patio/terrace area, a plethora of double-glazed windows, and impeccable construction.

These are only a few of the dozens of Palmako log cabin styles you can choose from. All are manufactured with the finest materials and strictest attention to detail. And all will stand up to the often-difficult rains and snows we experience regularly; Palmako stands behind every one of its log cabins with a five-year manufacturer’s warranty. Choose your ideal log cabin for your garden here from our Palmako Price List below.

Why settle for a plastic, metal or wooden storage shed, or a less-sturdy summerhouse, when you can have a quality Palmako log cabin featured prominently in your garden?