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Rion Greenhouses

Palram Greenhouses

Palram - Canopia Greenhouses have been making high quality resin greenhouses since 1997. These resin greenhouses have a unique snap-together assembly system that makes do-it-yourself assembly super simple!

Rion Greenhouses great for Snow

Palram - Canopiaplastic greenhouses have an eye catching design due to their "Dutch Barn" style roofs and deep green resin PVC frames and base plinths. Resin is a great material for greenhouse frames, as unlike aluminium, it won’t bend or flex under pressure from high winds and won’t ever need maintenance like a timber greenhouse.

THE Snow and Wind Resistant Greenhouse

Palram - Canopia greenhouse products are very sturdy indeed and ideally suited to our weather here in the UK. They are wind tested to 65mph and can withstand a snow load of 15kg per square metre making these greenhouses more than a match for the harshest UK conditions.

Palram - Canopia use 4mm twin wall polycarbonate glazing in their 6ft wide EcoGrow and 8ft wide Hobby Gardener Greenhouse for side panels and roofs. Twin wall polycarbonate is basically double glazed, with the central cavity maintaing warmth within the greenhouse as double glazing does in your home. The 8ft wide Grand Gardener Greenhouse models use crystal clear polycarbonate side panels for additional light transmission.

If you want a durable, tough, no maintenance greenhouse that is easy to assemble then a Palram - Canopia Greenhouse will be ideal for you and your garden. Browse our selection of Palram - Canopia models below. Click into a product below, each has a video showing you the inside and outside of the greenhouse, and it's key features.

Our Top Selling Palram - Canopia Greenhouses