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Swallow Swan 8x17 Wooden Greenhouse

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Installation Included!!*

All Swallow Wooden Buildings are installed for FREE.
*Installation does not include any ground or remedial work.

Greenhouse Dimensions

T-Shaped Greenhouse Diagram
  • A: 2660mm (8ft 9")
  • B: 5444mm (17ft 10")
  • C: 1730mm (5ft 8")
  • D: 2660mm (8ft 9")
  • E: 1200mm (3ft 11")
  • F: 1980mm (6ft 6")
  • G: 2660mm (8ft 9")
  • H: 730mm (2ft 5")
  • Perimeter Base: A perimeter base made to the above A+B dimensions from 50mm thick paving slabs.

All dimensions given above are external measurements.

Swallow Installation Access

Larks and Robins: The minimum access height required for installation is 5’8 (172.7cm).

Cygnet, Jay, and Kingfishers: The minimum access height required for installation is 6’8 (203.2cm), no access through a property.

Mallard, Swan, Raven, Rook, Falcon, and Eagles: The minimum access height required for installation is 8’9 (267.2cm), no access through a property.

No right angle turns between access point and installation site.

Why is ThermoWood® the Best?

Thermowood Greenhouse

ThermoWood® is a special thermally modified timber developed in Finland. The timber is heated treated up to 215 °C to remove all excess moisture. This wood is well suited for outdoor applications where demanding weather conditions are the norm. The key performance features of ThermoWood® over Tanalised timber are:

Improved durability against decay
Resin removed
Improved dimensional stability
Consistent colouring throughout
Reduced equilibrium moisture content

The timber is used extensively throughout Scandinavia for all sorts of interior and exterior construction, cladding and decoration due to it’s good looks and superb resilience to harsh weather.

Autovents as Standard

Greenhouse Roof Auto Vents

Swallow use high quality Bayliss XL Automatic roof vent openers as standard on every roof vent. Even when you're not around your greenhouse will be well ventilated.

T-Shape Staging

T Shaped Greenhouse Staging

Swallow include a length of slatted staging with all greenhouses that is 520mm wide and 745mm high.

Installation Included

Swallow Greenhouses are delivered and installed countrywide for free. You simply order your new greenhouse and it will be delivered and erected in your garden by a Swallow fitting team.

Damp Barrier

Swallow Greenhouse Damp Barrier

20mm black PVC section screwed to the bottom of the greenhouse stops damp rising into the timber.

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  • £8,899 inc VAT
  • Pay a 20% Deposit today, nothing else to pay until it's installed!!
  • £1,780
  • FREE Installation!!
  • FREE Delivery*

    All Finishes with in 5 Weeks

    *Some Scottish postal areas attract a delivery charge

    *All Deliveries to Scotland, Devon and Cornwall are currently 12-14 weeks delivery

Standard Features Include:

  • 2660mm (8ft 9") Wide T-Shaped Wooden Greenhouse - Large Growing Space
  • 730mm (2ft 5") Long Porch - Porch Entrance
  • ThermoWood® Construction - Heat treated high performance timber.
  • Bottom Boards 12mm - Tongued and Grooved with stainless steel nails
  • Glazing Grooves to hold glazing - Silicone Sealed
  • Double Doors with Mortise Lock - Added Security
  • 3mm Toughened Glazing - Safe, Strong and Family Friendly
  • 6 Opening Roof Vents - For Ventilation.
  • 6 Bayliss XL Autovents - Automatically opens your roof vent
  • Guttering to all sides - Collect all that lovely rain water !
  • 2 Front returned stagings - 520mm wide, 745mm high
  • Copper Roof Valley - Roof Drainage and Rust Free
  • 20mm Black PVC Damp Barrier - Screwed to bottom for
  • 10 Year Warranty - on Timber
  • Installation Included in Price - Just order and everything is done for you !

The 8ft x 17ft Swallow Swan looks great and with it’s 8ft wide porch entrance it’s very spacious. It’s also delivered and installed for FREE !

3mm Toughened glass is standard on all Swallow wooden Greenhouses and is held in special grooves within the frame and then sealed in place with quality silicone. Inward opening double doors with mortise locks are also standard.

Each roof vent is supplied with Bayliss XL autovents to automatically open the roof vents when you’re not around to stop over heating. You also get a full length of slatted staging down one side of the greenhouse for working on and storing your plants.

The Swallow Swan is yet another great Swallow greenhouse hand built by British craftsmen with a lovely traditional look. It has a 10 YEAR WARRANTY and free installation. We recommend Swallow greenhouses as they are the best British made wooden greenhouse available today.

Made in the UK

This greenhouse was made in the UK by craftsmen

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Painted Finish

The paint is applied in Swallow’s specialist spray booth with an opaque protective top coat with a flexible microporous film. This paint finish is resistant to bacterial mold and UV sun damage. Custom colours are available for an additional cost and will be colour matched to your choice using Swallow’s in-house specialist paint.

  • Wooden


    + £0

  • Oiled
    SAVE £98 10%OFF


    + £891

  • Lily White
    SAVE £247 10%OFF

    Lily White

    + £2,224

  • Bracken
    SAVE £247 10%OFF


    + £2,224

  • Olive
    SAVE £247 10%OFF


    + £2,224

  • Midnight
    SAVE £247 10%OFF


    + £2,224

  • Black
    SAVE £247 10%OFF


    + £2,224

  • Stone
    SAVE £247 10%OFF


    + £2,224

  • Summer Green
    SAVE £247 10%OFF

    Summer Green

    + £2,224

  • Cloud Grey
    SAVE £247 10%OFF

    Cloud Grey

    + £2,224

  • Slate
    SAVE £247 10%OFF


    + £2,224

  • Robin’s Egg Blue
    SAVE £247 10%OFF

    Robin’s Egg Blue

    + £2,224

Porch Extension

  • Porch Extension to 4ft Long
    SAVE £63 10%OFF

    Porch Extension to 4ft Long

    Extend the porch length of your Swallow Greenhouse to 4ft long, giving more storage space.

    + £576

  • Porch Extension to 6ft Long
    SAVE £127 10%OFF

    Porch Extension to 6ft Long

    Extend the porch length of your Swallow Greenhouse to 6ft long, giving more storage space.

    + £1,151

Premium options

  • Premium Aluminium Cresting
    SAVE £58 10%OFF

    Premium Aluminium Cresting

    Finish of the styling of your Swallow greenhouse with the traditional premium aluminium cresting and finials.


Additional Staging and Shelving

  • Extra Side of Staging
    SAVE £37 10%OFF

    Extra Side of Staging

    Add another side of staging to the other side of your greenhouse.


  • High Level Shelf to the Rear
    SAVE £18 10%OFF

    High Level Shelf to the Rear

    Add a 250mm wide high level shelf to the Rear of your greenhouse for extra storage of plants, seeds and tools etc



  • High Level Shelf to the Front
    SAVE £18 10%OFF

    High Level Shelf to the Front

    Add a 250mm wide High Level shelf to the Front of your greenhouse for extra storage of plants, seeds and tools etc


Dwarf Wall Option

  • Dwarf Wall Version

    Dwarf Wall Version

    Order this Greenhouse customised to sit on a brick dwarf wall. Select this option and we'll send you a wall plan to give to your brick layer to complete your wall. We'll then install a version of this greenhouse with a window sill straight onto the wall.


More Useful Extras

  • Bench with Shelf
    SAVE £29 10%OFF

    Bench with Shelf

    Add a useful work bench with lower shelf that you can move around the greenhouse to suit you. Dimensions: 1200mm x 540mm



  • Wren Cold Frame
    SAVE £45 10%OFF

    Wren Cold Frame

    Add a Wren Coldframe to give even more room for seedlings and plants. Dimensions: 2ft 1” X 4ft 5”



  • Additional Double Greenhouse Door
    SAVE £32 10%OFF

    Additional Double Greenhouse Door

    Add an additional double door to the gables of your greenhouse for access to either side.



  • Swallow Sparrow Cold Frame
    SAVE £45 10%OFF

    Swallow Sparrow Cold Frame

    Add a Sparrow Coldframe to give even more room for seedlings and plants. Dimensions: 4ft 5" X 3ft 4"



  • I require delivery north of Grangemouth

    I require delivery north of Grangemouth

    Orders north of Grangemouth incur an additional cost