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Wooden Greenhouses

Greenhouses Made in the UK

Wooden Greenhouses have a certain character to them that oozes traditional style. A timber glasshouse or victorian wooden greenhouse creates an elegant focal point or feature in your garden, and blends into your garden better than any metal greenhouse.

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Pay only 20% deposit today on Swallow greenhouses and pay the remainder after installation.

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However daunting buying your new traditional painted wooden greenhouse may seem, trust us, it’s easy and any hassle or worry can be easily sorted by letting us guide you through the process. We install all of our wooden greenhouses for free, all over the UK. You only have to pay a deposit of 20% and not another penny until after your new greenhouse is delivered and installed in your garden!

Painted Wooden Greenhouse Colours

  • Swallow Thermowood
  • Swallow Thermowood Oiled

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Wooden Greenhouses

Questions and Answers

What Base do I need for my wooden greenhouse?

Your timber greenhouse requires a hard and level surface to sit on as follows:

Concrete Base - A concrete base no less than 100mm thick made to the Minimum Base Size dimensions given in the Greenhouse Dimensions diagram.

Solid Paving Slab Base - A complete slabbed area no less than the Minimum Base Size dimensions given in the Greenhouse Dimensions diagram using 50mm thick paving slabs.

Perimeter Base - A perimeter base made from 50mm thick paving slabs no less than the Minimum Base Size.

Dwarf Wall Wooden Greenhouse models, who builds the wall?

Most of our timber greenhouse models are available as a dwarf wall version. The wall must be built prior to our installers arriving. Once you’ve ordered your greenhouse we will email and post you a “wall plan”. This wall plan will give you the exact dimensions for your wall and will enable your builder or brick layer to complete your wall quickly and exactly to the required size.

What does my Free Greenhouse Installation include?

The free installation of your Cotswold or Swallow Wooden Greenhouse includes the actual erection of your greenhouse onto your pre-prepared base. Our installation service DOES NOT INCLUDE ANY GROUNDWORKS such as laying slabs, bricks or concrete.

What access do our installers need to your garden?

Our installers need a clear and straight access way to where you are having your greenhouse installed. There cannot be any right angle or tight turns on the route from the installers truck to the erection site.

Do I need to treat or paint my greenhouse?

Your greenhouse will be delivered pre-treated and ready to go. Over time you may decide to apply a wood treatment or stain. It’s important to keep your greenhouse clean. We recommend keep a soft broom in your greenhouse to gently clean off any dirt, cobwebs and leaves from the glass and frame. Keeping the greenhouse clean will prolong the period in which the greenhouse will not need treating.

A painted finish will need less care, just keeping clean with a soft broom and the occasional wipe down with warm, moderately soapy water.

Planning Permission, do I need it?

Here are the guidelines:

Greenhouse needs to be a maximum height at the eaves of 2.5m, with a roof height of 4m maximum. Lean to’s are limited to a wall height of no more than 3m.

If your greenhouse will be within 2m of your property’s boundary it must be no higher than 2.5m in total.

For Conservation Areas, Heritage sites, National Parks and Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty you are limited to a greenhouse not exceeding 10 square metres in coverage (more than 20m from habitable residence). Planning is always required for lean to’s in these areas as standard. Any outbuilding within the boundary of a listed building will always require Planning Permission.