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Palram Canopia Plastic Skylight Sheds

Palram Plastic Sheds are made from tough shatterproof polycarbonate that will require absolutely no maintenance, and will never rot. These amazing garden sheds are very simple to install and are perfect for storing all manner of garden tools, mower, children's toys and bikes or whatever you need to keep safe and dry outdoors. For extra room and toughness choose the NEW Palram Yukon Plastic Shed, with its tough frame, roof and flooring.

While the roofs on these sheds may look a solid black colour, from the inside the roof is actually translucent and lets light flood into the shed, making finding your garden tools easy even in darker areas of your garden. The sheds come with built-in non-slip floors and are built around an aluminium frame. These are great garden sheds and are proving very popular indeed. If you want a no nonsense, easy to erect and maintenance free storage shed, you can't go wrong with one of these Palram plastic sheds that come with full assembly instructions and get excellent reviews.

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Palram Skylight Plast Shed Features

Built in Non-Slip Plastic Floor

Palram sheds have an integral floor included which is formed in a cross hatched pattern, textured to make it non-slip. These built in floors also keep your shed nice and dry inside and totally waterproof.

Roof Ventilation Grids

Traditionally plastic sheds have suffered from a build up of condensation in the roof space which is far from ideal as it can cause your stored items to become damp. Palram models however have ventilation grids neatly designed into the apex above the door to keep the shed nicely aired.

Translucent Skylight Roof

Although from the outside these sheds appear to have a black roof, from the inside the roofs are actually translucent meaning that the space inside is actually quite light making it easier to move around inside and find your stored bits and bobs.

Aluminium Frame

The structure is built entirely around an aluminium frame that will never rot or rust and provides a sturdy anchor point for the integral floor side panels, doors and skylight roof.

Polycarbonate Panels

The panels on these buildings are made from shatterproof polycarbonate sheets that are very hardy. We've been selling Palram greenhouses for years and years andnever in that time have we known their polycarbonate sheets to fail or crack.

Palram Shed Installation

Installing your new Palram Plastic Shed is super easy. Everything simply slots into place from the tough non-slip plastic floor upwards. We do recommend that you fit your new shed onto a hard flat surface like slabs or a concrete pad to make installation suimple and get the longest possible life from the building.