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About Greenhouse Stores

Greenhouse Stores are the leading online retailer of Greenhouses in the UK today. Buy only the very best brands of Aluminium and Wooden Greenhouses right here from Vitavia, Elite, Janssens, Rion, Palram Canopia and Swallow right here!

We pride ourselves on having excellent product knowledge and being able to offer friendly, honest advice to our many thousands of satisfied customers all over the UK. We offer installation on most of our freestanding greenhouses for sale, as well as great value and a huge range of accessories and spares at the very best prices. Check out the many reviews of Greenhouse Stores on our website to see the thousands of happy, satisfied customers we have helped to buy a new greenhouse.

As growing your own fresh food at home is becoming more and more popular, we find a huge amount of our customers are first time buyers needing a lot of guidance and help choosing which greenhouse they need. A lot can depend on the space you have available, whether you have children and the actual position where you plan to site your greenhouse. If you have a little area to grow in then we have a good selection of small greenhouses, from small lean-to products through to small 4ft x 4ft freestanding models from Eden, Elite and Swallow.

If you have children running around your garden then it makes sense to consider buying a polycarbonate greenhouse. Polycarbonate glazing is shatterproof and will not cause any injuries to you if you happen to fall or run into it. The only time we advise against having polycarbonate is if you live in a particularly windy or exposed position as the glazing itself is very lightweight and can blow out of the frame in high winds. We always recommend 3mm full length toughened safety glass if you live in a windy place. In fact, we feel that toughened glass is the best choice for all greenhouses as it’s safe, rigid and very hardy.

If you are looking to buy a greenhouse, chances are you will be looking for an aluminium freestanding or lean to one. The choice of models is huge and we only sell the best brands. Our Elite Greenhouses are made in the UK and is the largest range of aluminium glasshouses available, covering small wall gardens, through to large commercial green houses. Other popular makes like Vitavia and Palram cover everything the hobby gardener could possibly need, including orangery, hexagonal, lean-tos and cold frames. We also have plastic greenhouses from Rion that feature super tough green PE plastic frames and 4mm polycarbonate glazing.

Prefer more traditional wooden greenhouses or timber lean-to glasshouses? Our Swallow Greenhouses are manufactured for us in Yorkshire and then delivered all over the UK. Not only are they delivered, but each and every product is installed for you in your garden as part of the complete service. The Swallow range has freestanding models from 6ft x 4ft through to very large 13x61 greenhouses, as well as a superb range of timber lean-tos. Not only do these beautiful timber ones look stunning, they’re also incredibly practical for our particular climate. When we get very stormy weather during the winter months you won’t hear of these heavy wooden conservatories getting blown around or destroyed by the wind, they are simply too heavy to be affected! Ideal, especially if you live in an exposed position by the coast or an elevated area.

Many people get anxious about buying their first greenhouse because not only do they find it difficult to choose a model, but the very thought of building one is a bit intimidating. There’s no need to worry however as we offer a nationwide installation service for most of our products. If you don’t see a price for installation in the greenhouse options, just call us and we’ll get you a price from one of our recommended installers that we use regularly. If you live in Northern Ireland, we ship Halls and Eden models there for free!

To complement our product range, we stock a comprehensive range greenhouse spares, accessories and staging. If you already own your own glasshouse from Elite, Janssens or Vitavia we’ve a full range of parts like glazing clips, rubber seals, additional roof vents, louvre vents as well as nuts and bolts and even tools to help you maintain or build your thing. One thing that many gardeners get very confused about is shelves and staging. “How many do I need” or "what greenhouse staging is best" are the most common questions we get from customers. There’s no hard and fast answer to either of these questions as it really is a very individual thing. It’s generally a mistake to fill the glasshouse with too much in the way of shelving straight away, as it leaves you little space to work in. We have a full selection of aluminium, steel, plastic and wooden greenhouse staging for you to choose from. We also offer integrated staging for Janssens and Elite Greenhouses.

If you already own a greenhouse there are times when you may want to add more functionality. This can be achieved in a number of ways. You could buy things like a fly net screen, no-slip floor matting, a heater or maybe even some raised beds to grow your plants in. You’ll find so many different useful items to add to your growing pleasure at Greenhouse Stores.

We welcome any email questions or indeed telephone calls from customers needing help. Whether you have a question about what base your new greenhouse needs to sit on or whereabouts it’s best place your glasshouse in the garden, just pick up the phone and call us.

For great service, friendly advice and greenhouses direct to your door at great prices it has to be Greenhouse Stores.

If you love gardening but find that the weather often gets in the way, a polytunnel could be the solution. A garden polytunnel is a type of tunnel made from polyethylene, which can be used to create an artificial microclimate. This means that you can control the temperature and moisture levels inside, making it much easier to grow vegetables all year round. Polytunnels are also relatively inexpensive, and they can be quickly erected in any garden. So if you're looking for a way to get more out of your garden, one of our great value polytunnels could be the answer.

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