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Garden Storage

In our Garden Storage range you’ll find all sorts of storage solutions for things like wheelie bins, logs, tools and general household items like bikes and furniture. We offer garden storage chests, boxes and cabinets in both timber and plastic and all include free UK delivery.

    Wheelie Bin Storage

    Wheelie Bin Storage keeps your bins neat and tidy and safe where they won’t be knocked over and keeps them out of sight.

    We offer wheelie bin stores to hold one or two bins that have easy access for you but keep the local foxes out of your rubbish! Our timber bin stores are slated for ventilation to help and smells from rubbish escape.

    Log Stores

    Log stores are just the thing for keeping your firewood tidy and ready when you need it as well as nice and dry ready to burn. All those freshly chopped and sawn logs arranged end on look very good too!

    Bike Storage

    Bikes can take up a lot of space in your house, garage or shed, so a good bike storage unit made from metal or wood makes a lot of sense. Your bikes will be kept dry and rust free as well as locked away securely away from bike thieves.