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Polycarbonate Greenhouses

Polycarbonate Greenhouses

Polycarbonate Greenhouses are ideal for family gardens, schools and for using at the allotment as they are safe when there are children running around, resistant to vandalism and flying footballs!

Browse our selection of affordable aluminium polycarbonate greenhouses for sale from Grow Master, Halls, Palram, Rion, Eden, Elite and Vitavia greenhouses. We only sell brands that offer quality with value being secondary. The reason for this is that we’ve seen so many cheap polycarbonate greenhouses down the years fail after a short time due to quality issues and bad design. Our main concern is to offer brands and models we believe in, that we’d use ourselves, not cheap rubbish !

If a larger greenhouse is needed for your gardening needs then we have the 10ft wide Elite Supreme and 10ft wide Eden Bourton with twin wall 6mm polycarbonate glazing. We also offer the large 12ft wide Elite Classique greenhouse. Both the 10ft and 12ft wide models from Elite can be configured with an extra set of double doors at the other end as well as internal partitions so that you can configure them exactly as you need them.

Polycarbonate Greenhouse glazing comes in two types, clear polycarbonate that is exclusively found in Palram greenhouse models and twin wall polycarbonate in 4mm and 6mm thickness's which has a central insulating cavity, much like the double glazing in your home. Twin wall polycarbonate has a slightly opaque appearance which translates into an almost frosted type look which is particularly useful as aside from it's superb insulating qualities, it also guards your plants against scorching from the sun.

A 6 x 4 Polycarbonate Greenhouse is a great place to start your gardening journey.

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