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Lean To Greenhouses

Browse our excellent range of the Best Lean to Greenhouses for sale from the world's leading aluminium greenhouse manufacturers such as Vitavia, Halls, Eden, Rion, Elite greenhouses.

Choose from small lean to wall gardens suitable to grow your own plants in a really tight space on your property, all the way to large 8ft wide lean-to's which will double as an extension to your property, where you can grow your own plants and also use the space like you might do a conservatory. We ship all of our lean to green houses with free home delivery in the UK.

Lean-to Greenhouse Best Sellers

Aluminium lean To's

    Small Lean-to’s and Wall Gardens

    If you have a smaller space we have a good choice of lean to’s to fit your needs. We have the superb Vitavia IDA and Halls Wall Garden and Supreme ranges that are 2ft wide (out from the wall) and come in various lengths. We also have the highly specified Elite EasyGrow Lean to that is available in 5 different colours and sizes up to 12ft long.

    Low Wall Height

    If you’re placing your lean to against a low wall or against a bungalow or garage you’ll be very limited with the ridge height where your greenhouse will meet the wall at it’s highest point. Low wall height greenhouses are rare, but we have the aluminium 4ft wide Elite Windsor which with it’s height of 6ft 5” is perfect for placing against bungalows.

    6ft and 8ft Wide Lean to's

    We have a huge choice of 6ft wide (out from the wall) greenhouses from Vitavia with their IDA, the Elite Kensington 6 and the Eden Lean to range. If you’re looking for an 8ft wide lean to then we offer the aluminium Elite Titan 8ft 4” wide lean to with thick wind resistant block bar frame.

    Halls Silverline Curved Eave Greenhouse

    The 6ft wide curved eaved Halls Silverline Lean-to is our ever popular model available in silver or powder coated green. The Silverline has curved eaves that look extremely attractive and are made from tough UV resistant acrylic.