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Elite Zenith Greenhouse

Elite Zenith Greenhouse

The new Elite Zenith Greenhouse like all Elite models is manufactured in Bolton, Lancashire by British craftsmen. The style of the Zenith harks back to the Victorian greenhouses of days gone by, but with a very modern, highly engineered twist.

This greenhouse stands at 8ft wide, sports lockable double sliding doors and sits upon it’s own integrated base with a low threshold entrance. The aluminium profiles used in the construction of the greenhouse are the same super thick bars found in the Titan models, widely known as the strongest aluminium greenhouse available today. Adding to the strength of this greenhouse is the cantilever bracing found across both every roof bar and at the eaves, making the greenhouse extremely rigid.

The one feature that really sets this greenhouse apart from nearly every other model on the market today, however, is its steep roof pitch of 45 degrees. Not only does this give a very Victorian look to the glasshouse, but it also gives a superb growing height. The eaves are 1583mm high and the ridge bar stands at a whopping 3160mm high.

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