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Greenhouse Growing Guide

by Matt W (Greenhousestores) Greenhouse Fruit and Veg

What can I do in my greenhouse all year?

Our Greenhouse Growing Guide gives a month by month guide on what to grow and when. A greenhouse allows you to grow vegetables all year round. It's a great place to start for Greenhouse Beginners.

  Tasks Plant
  • Remove shading and clean glass, framework and staging with garden disinfectant
  • Repair any cracks or holes which could cause heat loss
  • Insulate greenhouse
  • Ensure gutters and downpipes are not blocked with leaves
  • Keep greenhouse dry and cool, and ventilate on sunny days
  • Ensure that heaters are working properly
  • Clean and tidy flower pots, trays etc and store neatly, ready for spring
  • Store Fuschia and Hydrangea plants under staging for winter
  • Store Chrysanthemum and Dahlia tubers
  • Plant Iris bulbs ready for spring
  • Pot on hardy annuals such as Pansies and Sweet Peas ready for bedding in the spring
  • Pot up perennials such as Lupins and Delphinium
  • Sow types of Lettuce, Carrots, and French Beans
  • Pot up Chives, Parsley and Mint for winter supply
  • Maintain temperature above 45ºF
  • Keep plants well lit but cover if possibility of frost
  • Water plants according to their individual needs
  • Don’t wet plants or staging to avoid diseases
  • Check for slugs and pests
  • Order seeds and compost ready for spring
  • Feed spring flowering bulbs ie. Hyacinth, Crocus and Narcissus
  • Store Polyanthus and container-grown Roses inside
  • Take Chrysanthemumcuttings
  • Pot up rooted seedlings, such as Pelargonium
  • Sow some bedding plants in heated propagator, ie Lobelia, Verbena and Carnations
  • Plant Early Potatoes for cropping in May
  • Water more often, but make sure soil not overwatered
  • Check for frosty weather and keep temperature constant
  • Cover tender plants if necessary
  • Spray pests if necessary
  • Prepare seed trays
  • Sow Bedding Plant seeds
  • Bring stored Fuchsia Hydrangea and Dahlia into sunlight
  • Sow Tomato seeds
  • Sow Onions, Parsnips, Sprouts, Cabbage, Broad Beans, Peas and Aubergines
  • Pot up Strawberry runners
  • Keep temperature between 45ºF and 65ºF
  • Heat greenhouse at night and ventilate during day
  • Use liquid fertiliser for young plants
  • Watch for greenfly, whitefly and red spider mite and spray if necessary
  • Use capillary matting if beneficial for watering
  • Prepare hanging baskets
  • Prick out Bedding Plant seedlings from last month and sow later seeds
  • Take Chrysanthemum and Fuchsia cuttings
  • Prick out Tomato seedlings
  • Sow Cucumber seeds
  • Sow Courgette, Celery, Sweet Corn, Runner Beans, Leeks and Peppers
  • Keep temperature between 45ºF and 70ºF
  • Open roof vents
  • Use shading on sunny days, or cover seedlings with newspaper
  • Keep watching for pests Feed growing plants regularly
  • Use less heating and remove insulation
  • Sow Marigold seeds
  • Prick out last month’s Bedding Plant seedlings and harden off
  • Plant out Dahlia cuttings, Pansies and Sweet Peas
  • Feed Tomatos, pick out side shoots
  • Plant Cucumber plants into grow bags
  • Sow Marrow and Courgettes to plant out in May/June
  • Begin to harvest Strawberries
  • Re-pot and split some Houseplants
  • Keep temperature below 80°F when sunny
  • Use shading, especially on south facing glass
  • Heating may still be required at night
  • Open all ventilators if necessary and open door
  • Damp down floors if weather sunny to cool and humidify greenhouse
  • Feed and water plants regularly
  • Pot up any cuttings which have rooted, ie. Fuschia
  • Take cuttings from Houseplants
  • Harden off Bedding Plants
  • Make up Hanging Baskets and Tubs to put out in June
  • Harden off Dahlia plants
  • Train up Tomato and Cucumber plants, feed and water
  • Harvest Lettuce, French Beans, Potatoes and Strawberries
  • Stop using greenhouse heating - service and store heaters until winter
  • Keep using shading as plants prone to scorching
  • Keep temperature down by continued ventilation
  • Feed and water plants regularly
  • Damp down floors if weather sunny to cool and humidify greenhouse
  • Move plants for garden out of greenhouse (harden off first)
  • Clean and tidy up plant pots and trays
  • Move Carnations and Chrysanthemum outside
  • Move Hanging Baskets and Tubs outside
  • Plant summer flowering Bedding Plants in garden
  • Harvest early Tomatoes and Cucumbers
  • Harvest Lettuce, Carrots, French Beans, Beetroot, and Radishes
  • Keep using shading as plants prone to scorching
  • Keep temperature down by continued ventilation
  • Feed and water plants regularly
  • Damp down floors if weather sunny to cool and humidify greenhouse
  • Take cuttings
  • Move Fuchsias and Pelargoniums outside
  • Move container grown Roses outside
  • Take cuttings of shrubs such as Forsythia and Weigela
  • Harvest Tomatoes and Cucumbers
  • Sow Parsley
  • Harvest Lettuces, Radishes and Peppers
  • Peg down Strawberry runners
  • Watch out for mould and use fungicide if necessary
  • Regulate heat using ventilators
  • Feed and water plants regularly
  • Take cuttings
  • Plant bulbs
  • Plant Hyacinth, Narcissus and Cyclamen for Xmas and Primula
  • Take Fuchsia and Pelargonium cuttings
  • Take Hebe and Lavender cuttings
  • Harvest Tomatoes and Cucumbers, Lettuce, Radishes and Peppers
  • Plant Potatoes in pots for Xmas
  • Temperature can fluctuate and heaters may be required
  • Remove shading so maximum light in greenhouse
  • Bring in frost sensitive plants from outside
  • Check plants for pests before bringing in
  • Bring in pot plants before frosts arrive
  • Sow Pansies and Sweet Peas for spring
  • Store Pelargonium and Fuchsia plants
  • Harvest Tomatoes, Peppers and Aubergines
  • Clear up Cucumbers
  • Maintain temperature above 45°F
  • Ventilate only on a warm day
  • Water plants sparingly and carefully
  • Remove dead heads, fallen leaves etc to prevent mould
  • Bring all half hardy plants inside
  • Insulate greenhouse again if necessary
  • Plant Tulip, Hyacinth, Crocus and Snowdrop bulbs ready for spring
  • Bring Crysanthemums indoors and cut flowers
  • Lift Tomato plants when crop finished
  • Harvest Tomatoes, Peppers and Aubergines
  • Sow spring cropping Lettuces