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Toughened Glass Greenhouse

A toughened glass greenhouse is in our opinion, the best choice of glazing for a greenhouse in the UK, with our wonderful climate!

Toughened safety glass offers a great mix of safety and weather resistance that you don’t get in any other kind of greenhouse glazing. When toughened glazing breaks it breaks down into little pebbles of glass that are relatively harmless, scratching you at worst, whereas standard greenhouse glass breaks into large dangerous shards that can easily cause serious laceration injuries.

Greenhouses with Safety Glass

Apart from the safety element toughened safety glass is also heavier than horticultural glass and as a result offers superior wind resistance qualities to your greenhouse. The pure,extra weight of the toughened glass weighs down the greenhouse frame and base making it more stable in windy conditions. Toughened glass is nearly always 3mm thickness and comes in long, full length sheets which won't flex and push nicely into the frame surrounding it maintaining squareness in the structure, added stiffness and rigidity.

We recommend toughened safety glass for coastal areas, hill top positions, valley locations and generally in areas that are regularly exposed to windy conditions. A greenhouse with safety glass is safer for your family and will have a longer life than a greenhouse with lesser glazing if you are locating it in a spot exposed to adverse weather conditions.

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