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Juliana Premium Dwarf Wall Greenhouse

The Juliana Premium Dwarf Wall Greenhouse is Juliana's 9ft 8" wide model offering the serious gardener or allotment grower a very highly specified greenhouse with a top quality finish.

The Premium Dwarf Wall is available in powder coated anthracite grey frame which features black powder coated doors, windows and fittings for a really unique and classy look. Full Toughened Safety Glass throughout for maximum weather resistance.

One of the best features of the Dwarf Wall Premium are the double stable doors that not only open outwards, but also like with all "stable doors" you can open the top half of the doors whilst leaving the bottom of the doors shut, keeping out pests. There is no door lip or base plinth running across the entry into the greenhouse making it a completely ground level entry and therefore perfect for wheelchair users or nipping in and out with a wheelbarrow.