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Vitavia 2x4 Green IDA 900 Lean To Greenhouse - Toughened Glass

Vitavia 2x4 Green IDA 900 Lean To Greenhouse - Toughened Glass
With in 4 Weeks ⛟
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Greenhouse Size Diagram

Greenhouse Dimensions

A: Greenhouse width

690mm (2′ 3″)

B: Greenhouse depth

1320mm (4′ 4″)

C: Ridge height

1840mm (6′)

D: Eaves height

1520mm (5′)

E & F: Door Size

610mm (2′) x 1506mm (4′ 11″) (aperture)

Minimum Base Size

690mm (2′ 3″) x 1320mm (4′ 4″)

Optional Greenhouse Base with Corner Posts

Place on hard or even SOFT GROUND!

The usual golden rule when erecting a greenhouse is to place it on a hard and level surface so as to keep the greenhouse from twisting or becoming unstable over time.

Vitavia Green Corner Post

If you want to install your greenhouse on soft ground then our optional Vitavia steel bases come with corner posts that you can bolt to the base. These posts are roughly 18 inches long and can be sunk into soil and then concreted in place once your greenhouse is level and square.

itavia Green No Corner Post

If you are intending to put your greenhouse on slabs or concrete then you simply don\'t attach the posts to the base, simple!

Green Powder Coated Frame

Vitavia Powder Coated Green Frame

The green powder coated frame and optional base look great and protect the aluminium from weathering. Powder coating is a process where powdered paint is applied using an electrostatic charge to transfer the powder to the aluminium.

The aluminium is then heated to 200 degrees centigrade in special ovens which melt the powder and fuse it to the surface of the aluminium. This gives a durable and smooth coating when solidified. The powder coated frame or base now has a nice deep colour that is UV resistant with a life expectancy of over 25 years!

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With in 4 Weeks

  • 1.32m (4ft 3") Wide Lean to Greenhouse - Compact Design
  • Powder Coated Green Aluminum Frame - Looks great and no rust.
  • Optional Galvanised Steel Base - Gives Rigidity, Strength and adds 60mm height
  • 3mm Long Pane Toughened Glazing - Great Safety and Wind Resistance.
  • 1 Opening Roof Vent - For Ventilation.
  • Single Sliding Door - For Easy Front Access
  • 10 Year Warranty - on frame and base.

The 4ft x 2ft Vitavia IDA 900 Lean to Greenhouse in Green is compact and designed for use where space is limited such as patios, balconies or walled gardens.

The Vitavia IDA 900 Lean to urban greenhouse is ideal for plants, seedlings and growing tomatoes in a small space. The optional shelving adds 2 shelves to the greenhouse giving further growing options.

This IDA 4x2 in green has 1 opening roof vent for ventilation, a smooth sliding single door and optional steel base which adds 60mm of height. The toughened glazing in this lean to is in our opinion the best glazing option for safety and suitability to the UK`s weather !

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1: Select your Size

2: Greenhouse Base Plinth

Vitavia Steel Green Base
SAVE £12 22%OFF
Vitavia Steel Green Base

Add a green steel greenhouse base for strength and stability. Ideal for placing straight onto slabs or concrete. Includes corner posts for soft ground installations. RECOMMENDED OPTION!! You WILL need to add this base plinth for building your greenhouse onto slabs, concrete or soil. Otherwise you will need to build your own brick base plinth!!

+ £42

5: Greenhouse Installation by a certified greenhouse installer

Please Note: installation can only be carried out using the Optional Base Plinth (if available) onto a flat level surface such as slabs, concrete or decking that is to the Minimum base size stated in the dimensions diagram. Installation is for the Greenhouse, the fitting of downpipes, autovents, louvres, roof vents and cresting only and does not include groundworks, staging, accessories.

Greenhouse Installation
Greenhouse Installation

We are currently able to offer installation in the following postcodes:

Your Greenhouse will be delivered and installed on the same day, this can add 2-4 weeks to the standard delivery time.

+ £290
Staging Assembly
Staging Assembly

Please Note, Only Available with Optional Greenhouse Installation.If you've ordered optional installation but don't want to put your staging together, choose this option and let our team assemble it for you.(Price is per Staging).

Qty 1
+ £30

6: Staging

Ida Shelf Kit Recommended
Ida Shelf Kit

Handy shelves that slot into place for plant storage. 2 shelves per pack. 1 pack max for the 2x4, 2 pack max for the 2x6.

+ £35
Qty 1
1 Tier Staging Silver
SAVE £10 13%OFF
1 Tier Staging Silver

This 1 Tier Vitavia silver greenhouse staging gives you a handy work surface and storage area. Dimensions: 76cm (H) x 50cm (D) x 120cm (W)

+ £69
Qty 1
2 Tier Staging Silver
SAVE £11 11%OFF
2 Tier Staging Silver

This 2 Tier Vitavia silver greenhouse staging gives you a handy work surface with additional low level storage. Dimensions: 76cm (H) x 50cm (D) x 120cm (W)

+ £88
Qty 1

7: Extras

Hygrometer Recommended

This Hygrometer will measure the humidity levels inside your greenhouse.

Soil Thermometer
Soil Thermometer

This Soil Thermometer will let you track the temperature of your soil inside the greenhouse.

Max/Min Thermometer Recommended
Max/Min Thermometer

This thermometer will tell you your maximum daytime temperature as well as record the lowest night time temperature in your greenhouse.

Vitavia Univent Autovent for IDA Leanto
Vitavia Univent Autovent for IDA Leanto

Vitavia 2x4 Green IDA 900 Lean To Greenhouse - Toughened Glass