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Vitavia Apollo Greenhouse

Vitavia Apollo Greenhouse

The Vitavia Apollo Greenhouse is the very latest 6ft wide garden greenhouse from the German manufacturer. Vitavia’s reputation for producing the very highest quality aluminium greenhouses is second to none and will only be further enhanced by the Apollo model.

The big new feature on the Apollo is a low threshold entrance whereby the usual practice of having step up and over a metal base plinth is eradicated completely. This means it’s super safe as there’s nothing to trip up on and it’s simple to enter with a wheelbarrow or if you’re using a walking frame or stick.

Also new for this model is the option of having glazing capping instead of the usual wire glazing clips. Glazing capping is not only looks neater and is less fiddly than traditional clips, it also performs much better in windy conditions as it holds the glazing snuggly in place, cutting out vibration and glas movement. This option is only available on models with full length toughened safety glass or 4mm polycarbonate, not standard horticultural glass models