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6x4 Greenhouses

Explore our diverse range of 6x4 Greenhouses, available in both aluminium and timber, suitable for every garden or allotment. A 6ft x 4ft greenhouse is an ideal choice for those new to vegetable gardening with limited space.

Our Palram models feature clear polycarbonate glazing, making them an excellent choice for family gardens focused on safety or allotments prone to vandalism, thanks to their shatterproof nature.

The Vitavia Venus 6x4 greenhouses offer glazing options including horticultural glass, 3mm toughened safety glass, or 4mm twin wall polycarbonate. With silver anodised or green powder-coated frames, Vitavia greenhouses promise durability and a 10 Year Warranty.

We also provide Elite's British-made Craftsman and High Eave greenhouses, known for their built-in base, low threshold entry, and locking sliding doors, embodying Elite's commitment to quality and accessibility.

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6x4 Greenhouse Deals

Our 6 x 4 wooden greenhouses from Swallow GB are built from tanalised redwood pine timber and come complete with staging, autovents, locking door and installation is included in the price.