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Greenhouse Staging

Greenhouse Staging

Our selection of aluminium and wooden greenhouse staging and shelving for sale covers most sizes, to suit all greenhouses. All staging is delivered to your door free in the UK.

Vitavia Greenhouse Staging

We offer the full range of Vitavia staging and greenhouse shelving to match your Vitavia greenhouse whether it's silver, green or black. We even have the modular staging for the hexagonal Hera models. As well as fixed freestanding staging we also have the Vitavia folding staging and shelving which is great for making the most of the space in your greenhouse throughout the growing year.

Halls and Eden Greenhouse Staging

Choose from our full selection of Halls and Eden greenhouse staging. We have every shelf and 1 Tier, 2 Tier and Top Shelf Extension currently produced to match your Halls Eden greenhouse in silver or green. We also have the excellent Halls Potting Bench, and the 3 Tier Seed Tray Stands that come complete with 15 seed trays, a must for raising seedlings in your greenhouse. We stock the Eden integrated staging and shelving for the Birdlip, Burford, Blockley and Bourton models available in silver, green and also black. Whatever greenhouse table you want, we have it.

Elite Diamond Aluminium and Timber Staging and Shelves

You'll find the superbly engineered Elite line of Diamond greenhouse shelving and staging here in a selection of 8 colour choices as well as the freestanding and folding wooden staging in 4ft and 6ft lengths.