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Greenhouses For Schools

Greenhouses For Schools

Greenhouses for schools are becoming more and more popular every year.

Why? It’s simple really. Children of all ages benefit from connecting with nature whether it’s a walk in the woods, feeding ducks in the park or gardening. Kids love gardening at home but especially at nursery or school where they get to learn with their friends and teachers. Gardening is something that is best shared and children embrace this wholeheartedly.

School Greenhouses Kits

A greenhouse project at school or nursery is an exciting environment for children to learn about plants, the food they eat and how nature works. The warmth of the greenhouse and the smell of the compost and plants is something that all gardeners love and children grow to love it too.

Planting seeds, tending plants and generally grubbing about and getting dirty hands is great fun!

Here at Greenhouse Stores we are experienced in supplying schools, nursery schools and universities with the right school greenhouses for their needs.

We understand the balance between safety, practicality and budget and we give honest advice to make sure that the greenhouse you buy from us is exactly what you need.

We offer special installation deals on our greenhouses for educational organisations, call us for more details on 0800 098 8877.

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