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Halls Supreme Green 8x10 Greenhouse - Toughened Glazing

Halls Supreme Green 8x10 Greenhouse - 3mm Toughened Glazing
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Greenhouse Size Diagram

Greenhouse Dimensions

A: Greenhouse width

2550mm (8′ 4″)

B: Greenhouse depth

3200mm (10′ 6″)

C: Ridge height

2120mm (6′ 11″)

D: Eaves height

1240mm (4′ 1″)

E & F: Door Size

600mm (2′) x 1610mm (5′ 3″) (aperture)

Minimum Base Size

2550mm (8′ 4″) x 3200mm (10′ 6″)

Horticultural Glazing

Horticultural glass is made up of 2ft x 2ft Overlapping panels with a standard thickness of 3mm, and is a popular and cost-effective choice for greenhouse glazing. Gardeners and plant enthusiasts appreciate horticultural glass for its ability to create a bright and nurturing environment that promotes healthy plant growth.



Use code SPRING15 at checkout min order £499

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  • 8ft 4" (2550mm) Wide Aluminium Greenhouse.
  • 3mm Full Length Toughened Safety Glass.
  • Curved Eaves (Acrylic).
  • Silver Aluminium Frame.
  • Double Sliding Doors.
  • 2x Opening Roof Vents.
  • 10 Year Warranty (Frame and Base).

The 8ft wide 8x10 Halls Supreme with Toughened glass is an ideal greenhouse for growing your favourite plants and vegetables in your garden or on the allotment.

The Halls Supreme green 8ft x 10ft Greenhouse with toughened safety glass will get you growing in even the smallest of yards or gardens and offers all of the features you would expect from a Halls greenhouse. The attractive curved eaves on the Supreme are made from tough UV protected acrylic and give the greenhouse a unique look. Halls toughened safety glass is a long single sheet that goes from base to eaves and a long single pane for each roof section. Toughened glass is recommended for gardens where children or pets are around as it won`t break into dangerous shards like standard greenhouse glass but into small pebbles like a car windscreen. Toughened safety glass is also far better if you live in a windy spot as it`s heavy meaning it won`t blow out in high winds and makes your greenhouse generally more stable as a result.

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Halls Supreme Green 8x10 Greenhouse - Toughened Glazing