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Palram - Canopia Balance Greenhouses

Palram - Canopia Greenhouses Palram - Canopia Balance Polycarbonate Greenhouse

The Palram - Canopia Balance is one of the largest greenhouses in the range. This new model is super practical for easy and pleasurable gardening or relaxing in in the summer, with it's lovely wide double doors and low threshold entrance.

The Balance Greenhouse is available plaind Aluminium finish or Green Powder Coated aluminium with 6mm twin wall polycarbonate to the roof and clear Polycarbonate to the sides. The extra height of these greenhouses are ideal for gardeners looking to grow large amounts of plants and vegetables.

Palram - Canopia Balance Greenhouses

The high roof uses 6mm twin wall polycarbonate glazing on the roof to aid both insulation and diffuse the sunlight while the single wall polycarbonate on the sides let important sunlight into your plants

Balance greenhouses come complete with a Powdercoated steel base plinth, double outward opening locking doors with magnetic latches and roof vent for ventilation.

Packed with features- watch the video!! !

Palram - Canopia greenhouses are simple to assemble and install in your garden.