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Victorian Greenhouses

Victorian Greenhouses look beautiful and hark back to a time when every big house had a greenhouse in the garden for growing produce for the house, and flowers for the garden.

Whether they're constructed from metal or timber they add a stunning and highly practical feature to your garden.

Greenhouse Stores offers a superb range of Victorian style Greenhouses from large to small at great prices. We offer super strong Wooden Victorian Greenhouses manufactured in Yorkshire by Swallow. We have sold these timber greenhouses for many years and trust the quality, workmanship and installation teams implicitly. You can pick from a regular freestanding greenhouse design with timber and glass to the ground, or a dwarf wall model. A dwarf wall greenhouse is where the greenhouse sits upon a brick or stone wall, has window sills all the way round and the greenhouse door set into the brick.

Our Aluminium Victorian Greenhouses are manufactured by Elite in Lancashire and Janssens in Belgium, both well established greenhouse manufacturers with a well established pedigree in producing the highest quality, well-engineered greenhouses.

We install our Wooden Victorian Greenhouses for FREE everywhere south of Glasgow, there is a small charge north of Glasgow however. We can arrange installation for you on any of our Aluminium Victorian Greenhouses. If you have any question, why not call us free on 0800 098 8877.

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Again, as with our wooden Victorian green houses, our aluminium models can be normal freestanding or dwarf wall in design. We also offer traditionally shaped rectangular greenhouses as well as T-Shaped orangery type greenhouses with porch entrances.

Of course there isn’t any maintenance such as painting or treating to be done with an aluminium Victorian greenhouse, but a wooden Victorian glasshouse has a certain presence and feel that many gardeners find irreplaceable. Another advantage of a wooden model is that they always weigh a lot more than an equivalent metal greenhouse, giving them far superior wind resistance if you are situated in a particularly blustery place!