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Halls Atrium Green Hexagonal Greenhouse

Halls Atrium Green Hexagonal Greenhouse
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Greenhouse Dimensions

Greenhouse width

3754mm (12′ 4″)

Greenhouse depth

3251mm (10′ 8″)

Ridge height

2870mm (9′ 5″)

Eaves height

1820mm (6′)

Door Size

920mm (3′) 1775mm (5′ 10″) (aperture)

Minimum Base Size

3754mm (12′ 4″) x 3251mm (10′ 8″)

Toughened Glass Glazing

Toughened glass, also known as tempered glass, is a high-strength and durable glazing material that is ideal for greenhouses. It undergoes a special heat treatment process that enhances its resistance to impact, making it less likely to break or shatter. In the rare event of breakage, toughened glass crumbles into small, granular pieces, reducing the risk of injury. Gardeners and plant enthusiasts value toughened glass for its safety, longevity, and ability to provide a clear and well-lit environment for optimal plant growth.



Use code SPRING15 at checkout min order £499

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Call for Alternatives

  • 12ft 3" (3754mm) Wide Aluminium Greenhouse.
  • 3mm Full Length Toughened Safety Glass to the Sides.
  • 6mm Twin Wall Polycarbonate in the Roof.
  • No Clips Glazing Capping System.
  • Green Powder Coated Frame.
  • 3 Side Vents.
  • Double Sliding Doors.
  • Optional Base Plinth.
  • 10 Year Warranty (Frame and Base).

The 12ft 3" wide Halls Atrium Green Hexagonal Greenhouse is NEW for 2018 and features a culmination of both style and function into one building.

The Halls Hexagonal Atrium will give you more than enough growing space to bring on seedlings as well as grow salad, herbs and vegetables all year round. The great thing about a 12ft wide greenhouse is the working space inside that means a couple of you can be toiling away potting up or plants without bumping into each other. The extra width also means that you can use the greenhouse more like a conservatory.

The Green Atrium has 3mm Full Length Toughened Glass side panels which will let light flood onto your plants and a 6mm Twin Wall Polycarbonate roof which both acts as insulation to retain the heat in the colder months but also will difuse the sunlight in the Summer to stop plants getting scorched.

The unique shape of the Hexagonal Halls Atrium is not only a great focal point in your garden, but would make a great area for just relaxing. The 3 side vents will get the air circulating while the large double doors will make access easy for everything from a wheelbarrow to a table and chairs!

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Halls Atrium Green Hexagonal Greenhouse