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8x6 Halls Popular Greenhouse - Horticultural Glass

8x6 Halls Popular Greenhouse - Horticultural Glass
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Greenhouse Size Diagram

Greenhouse Dimensions

A: Greenhouse width

1930mm (6′ 4″)

B: Greenhouse depth

2570mm (8′ 5″)

C: Ridge height

1960mm (6′ 5″)

D: Eaves height

1220mm (4′)

E & F: Door Size

600mm (2′) x 1610mm (5′ 3″) (aperture)

Minimum Base Size

1930mm (6′ 4″) x 2570mm (8′ 5″)

Horticultural Glazing

Horticultural glass is made up of 2ft x 2ft Overlapping panels with a standard thickness of 3mm, and is a popular and cost-effective choice for greenhouse glazing. Gardeners and plant enthusiasts appreciate horticultural glass for its ability to create a bright and nurturing environment that promotes healthy plant growth.



Use code SPRING15 at checkout min order £499

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  • 6ft 4" (1920mm) Wide Aluminium Greenhouse.
  • 3mm Horticultural Glass (610x610mm Panes).
  • Silver Aluminum Frame.
  • Sliding Door.
  • Built in Aluminium Gutters.
  • 1x Opening Roof Vent.
  • 10 Year Warranty (Frame and Base).
  • Full Instructions.
  • The Halls Popular 8x6 Greenhouse stands out as the perfect choice for those passionate about greenhouse gardening, be it in your backyard or at the local allotment.

    We highly recommend complementing your Halls Popular 8x6 Greenhouseswith the Halls Steel Base. Designed to perfection, this base provides a sturdy foundation for your greenhouse frame. Whether you're setting it up on slabs, concrete, or even soft ground, the Halls Steel Base simplifies the process. Its unique corner spikes can be buried and concreted into place, ensuring stability and ease of installation.

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8x6 Halls Popular Greenhouse - Horticultural Glass