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8x15 Janssens Master Victorian Greenhouse

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Greenhouse Size Diagram

Greenhouse Dimensions

A: Greenhouse width

2360mm (7′ 8″)

B: Greenhouse depth

4580mm (15′)

C: Ridge height

2600mm (8′ 6″)

D: Eaves height

2010mm (6′ 7″)

E & F: Door Size

700mm (2′ 3″) x 2000mm (6′ 6″) (aperture)

Minimum size for your greenhouse base:

2360mm (7′ 8″) x 4580mm (15′)

Palram Silver Steel Base
Included with ALL Janssens Greenhouses.

The Janssens Foundation Base eliminates the need for a full concrete foundation. Simply assemble your greenhouse and secure it with our quick 4-corner anchoring system!

Premium 4mm Toughened Glass

JANSSENS delivers superior protection with our full-length 4mm toughened glass. Six times stronger than ordinary glass, it offers exceptional durability and safety. Enjoy crystal-clear views and peace of mind, knowing you're shielded by the industry's safest greenhouse glass. Polished edges ensure easy, safe assembly, letting you focus on what truly matters – your thriving garden.

Janssens Glazing Gasket
Weather-Tight Seal: Superior Protection Guaranteed

Don't let wind effect your investment with Janssens state-of-the-art glazing system. Featuring:

  • Advanced rubber strip technology
  • Unbeatable water and wind resistance
  • Seamless, long-lasting seal
Janssens Glazing Bars
Industry-Leading Strength in Every Frame

Janssens cutting-edge tubular aluminium glazing bars are among the sturdiest in today's greenhouse market. Enjoy peace of mind knowing your investment is protected by top-tier materials that outlast and outperform the competition!

Janssens Roof Ridge Profile
Built to Last: Premium Stainless Steel Hardware

Every bolt, nut, and fitting in your JANSSENS greenhouse is crafted from top-quality stainless steel to withstand the elements,

Janssens Roof Ridge Profile
Smart Water Management System Included

Maximize your growing potential with our comprehensive water control solution:

  • Efficient gutters to collect rainwater
  • Clever condensation channels to manage humidity
  • Large 40mm downpipes for rapid drainage
Janssens Instructions
Effortless Assembly at Your Fingertips

Set up your new greenhouse with ease. Every model includes:

  • Detailed step-by-step manual
  • Comprehensive assembly video
Janssens Qualicoat Powder Coating
Lasting Beauty: Premium Powder-Coated Finish

Janssens only use Qualicoat-certified powder coating on all of their Greenhouse products. This high-quality finish ensures your JANSSENS greenhouse stays stunning for years. Contact us for custom RAL colours.




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  • 2360mm x 4580mm Dimensions (7ft 7" x 15ft)
  • 2m High Eaves
  • Aluminium Frame with Tubular and Box Section for Superior Strength.
  • Green or Black Powder Coated Frame.
  • Box Section Base Plinth.
  • Victorian Greenhouse Roof Crestings.
  • SIngle Sliding Locking Door
  • 4mm Full Length Toughened Safety Glass
  • Rubber Glazing Gasket Strips (no fiddly clips)
  • 3x Roof Vents
  • 11 Blade Louvre Vent
  • Gutters and 40mm Aluminium Downpipes.
  • Stainless Steel Fittings.
  • Step by Step Instruction Manuals with Instructional DVD.
  • 13 Year Manufacturers Warranty.
  • Many Accessories Available - Scroll down this page.

The 8ft x 15ft Janssens Helios Master Victorian Greenhouse offers the discerning greenhouse gardener a strong and spacious place to enjoy as well as stunning traditional looks. You get great ventilation in this greenhouse due to it`s 3 roof vents and the massive 11 blade slatted louvre vent to let in cool air to moderate humidity inside the greenhouse.

All Janssens Master Greenhouses are built around a strong box-section aluminium frame and base, with 4mm Toughened Glass held in with proper rubber glazing gasket to take on the worse of UK weather!

1: Select your Size

3: Greenhouse Installation by a certified greenhouse installer

Please Note: installation can only be carried out using the Optional Base Plinth (if available) onto a flat level surface such as slabs, concrete or decking that is to the Minimum base size stated in the dimensions diagram. Installation is for the Greenhouse, Ventilation and Downpipes only. The fitting of any additional accessories (shelving, staging etc) is not included. No groundworks are included.

Greenhouse Installation

We are currently able to offer installation in the following postcodes:

Your Greenhouse will be delivered and installed on the same day, this can add 2-4 weeks to the standard delivery time.

+ £840

4: Staging

Janssens Colour Matched Full Length Integrated Staging Recommended
Janssens Colour Matched Full Length Integrated Staging
+ £149
Qty 1
Janssens Colour Matched Seed Tray Shelving
Janssens Colour Matched Seed Tray Shelving
+ £225
Qty 1
1 Tier Staging Colour Matched
SAVE £15 17%OFF
1 Tier Staging Colour Matched
+ £74
Qty 1
Janssens Integrated Colour Matched Shelving
Janssens Integrated Colour Matched Shelving
+ £55
Qty 1
2 Tier Staging Colour Matched
SAVE £23 19%OFF
2 Tier Staging Colour Matched
+ £96
Qty 1
Top Tier Staging Extension Colour Matched
SAVE £10 17%OFF
Top Tier Staging Extension Colour Matched
+ £49
Qty 1
Janssens Silver Integrated Staging Recommended
Janssens Silver Integrated Staging
+ £80
Qty 1

5: Ventilation and Shading

Auto Roof Vent Opener Recommended
Auto Roof Vent Opener
+ £39
Qty 1
Curtain Shading
Curtain Shading
+ £27
Qty 1
Louvre Vent
Louvre Vent
+ £79
Qty 1
Auto Louvre Opener
Auto Louvre Opener
+ £40
Qty 1
Janssens Sunscreen Shading
Janssens Sunscreen Shading
+ £129

6: Extras

Soil Thermometer
Soil Thermometer
Max/Min Thermometer
Max/Min Thermometer
100L Mini Rainsaver Water Butt
100L Mini Rainsaver Water Butt
+ £54
Qty 1

8x15 Janssens Master Victorian Greenhouse