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Halls Garden Room Greenhouse Black

Halls Garden Room Greenhouse Black
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Dimensions and Growing Area

  • A: 2620mm (8ft 6")
  • B: 3890m (12ft 7")
  • C: 1630mm (5ft 4")
  • D: 2760mm (9ft)
  • E: 1200mm (3ft 10")
  • F: 2085mm (6ft 8")
  • G: 2620mm (8ft 6")
  • H: 1290mm (4ft 2")

Toughened Glass Glazing

Toughened glass, also known as tempered glass, is a high-strength and durable glazing material that is ideal for greenhouses. It undergoes a special heat treatment process that enhances its resistance to impact, making it less likely to break or shatter. In the rare event of breakage, toughened glass crumbles into small, granular pieces, reducing the risk of injury. Gardeners and plant enthusiasts value toughened glass for its safety, longevity, and ability to provide a clear and well-lit environment for optimal plant growth.



Use code SPRING15 at checkout min order £499

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Call for Alternatives

  • 3.89m (12ft 7") Wide Aluminium Greenhouse - Spacious and Practical.
  • Black Powder Coated Aluminum Frame - No rust or maintenance.
  • High Roof Pitch - Adds Air Volume and Snow Load Capacity.
  • 3mm Toughened Glass - Great Light Transmission
  • Glazing Capping - To secure your Glass.
  • 4 Opening Roof Vents - For Ventilation.
  • Integral Gutters - For Rain Water Collection
  • Extra Bracing - for strength in roof and corners.
  • 10 Year Warranty - on frame and base.

The New Halls Garden Room Greenhouse provides a wonderful outdoor space for plants to grow and people to enjoy. This is an update on a traditional Halls model with modern design features to help create the ultimate value for money, feature rich orangery greenhouse.

The Halls Garden Room features a green powder coated frame, 3mm full length toughened safety glass, glazing capping, double doors, no-threshold entrance and 4 roof vents. The Garden Room also has a new and innovative internal water collection system to harvest moisture from condensation.

There`s a host of Halls Greenhouse Accessories to go with the greenhouse as you`d expect with a Halls Greenhouse.

Halls Garden Room Greenhouse Black