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Vitavia 8x12 Neptune 9900 Greenhouse - Polycarbonate Glazing

Vitavia 8x12 Neptune 9900 Greenhouse - Polycarbonate Glazing
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Greenhouse Size Diagram

Greenhouse Dimensions

A: Greenhouse width

2570mm (8′ 5″)

B: Greenhouse depth

3830mm (12′ 6″)

C: Ridge height

2300mm (7′ 6″)

D: Eaves height

1350mm (4′ 5″)

E & F: Door Size

610mm (2′) x 1860mm (6′ 1″) (aperture)

Minimum Base Size

2570mm (8′ 5″) x 3830mm (12′ 6″)

Optional Greenhouse Base with Corner Posts

Place on hard or even SOFT GROUND!

Vitavia Green Corner Post

The usual golden rule when erecting a greenhouse is to place it on a hard and level surface so as to keep the greenhouse from twisting or becoming unstable over time.

If you want to install your greenhouse on soft ground then our optional Vitavia steel bases come with corner posts that you can bolt to the base. These posts are roughly 18 inches long and can be sunk into soil and then concreted in place once your greenhouse is level and square.

itavia Green No Corner Post

If you are intending to put your greenhouse on slabs or concrete then you simply don\'t attach the posts to the base, simple!


Anodized Silver Frame

Vitavia Anodized Silver Frame

Adonisation is a process that the aluminium goes through to keep it looking pristine and shiny throughout it's life. All Vitavia silver frames are anodized as standard.

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  • 2570mm (8ft 5") Wide Aluminium Greenhouse - Practical width for serious growing.
  • 6mm Twin Wall Polycarbonate Glazing - Great Child Safety and Insulation.
  • 2 Opening Roof Vents - For good ventilation.
  • Anodised Aluminum Frame - No rust or discolourisation!
  • Single Sliding Door - Door can be held at any desired position.
  • High Eaves (1350mm) - For Optimum Growing Height.
  • Integrated Gutters - Collect all that lovely rain water for your plants.
  • Extra Bracing and Corner Plates - for strength in roof and corners.
  • Optional 60mm Galvanised Steel Base Available Below - For rigidity and strength.
  • 10 Year Warranty - on frame and base.

The 8x12 Silver Vitavia Neptune 9900 Greenhouse is a superb 8ft wide large greenhouse at a great price !

The Neptune Greenhouse is a spacious greenhouse for keen growers. An 8ft wide greenhouse gives those with a bit more space the ability to grow large crops in a very comfortable space big enough for the family and all your growing needs.

This Vitavia Neptune 8x12 has 2 opening roof vents for ventilation, a smooth sliding single door and integral gutters.

1: Greenhouse Base Plinth

Vitavia Base Plinth in Silver Recommended
Vitavia Base Plinth in Silver

Add a silver steel greenhouse base for strength and stability. Ideal for placing straight onto slabs or concrete. Includes corner posts for soft ground installations. RECOMMENDED OPTION!! You WILL need to add this base plinth for building your greenhouse onto slabs, concrete or soil. Otherwise you will need to build your own brick base plinth!!

+ £82

4: Greenhouse Installation by a certified greenhouse installer

Please Note: installation can only be carried out using the Optional Base Plinth (if available) onto a flat level surface such as slabs, concrete or decking that is to the Minimum base size stated in the dimensions diagram. Installation is for the Greenhouse, Ventilation and Downpipes only. The fitting of any additional accessories (shelving, staging etc) is not included. No groundworks are included.

Greenhouse Installation

We are currently able to offer installation in the following postcodes:

Your Greenhouse will be delivered and installed on the same day, this can add 2-4 weeks to the standard delivery time.

+ £560

5: Ventilation

Auto Roof Vent Opener Recommended
Auto Roof Vent Opener
+ £38
Qty 1
Curtain Shading
Curtain Shading
+ £27
Qty 1
Louvre Window Recommended
Louvre Window
Auto Louvre Opener
Auto Louvre Opener
+ £48
Qty 1

6: Staging

1 Tier Staging Silver
SAVE £10 13%OFF
1 Tier Staging Silver
+ £69
Qty 1
2 Tier Staging Silver
SAVE £11 11%OFF
2 Tier Staging Silver
+ £88
Qty 1
Folding Staging Silver
Folding Staging Silver
+ £52
Qty 1
Silver  Shelf
SAVE £6 17%OFF
Silver Shelf
+ £29
Qty 1

7: Extras

Rainwater Downpipe Kit
SAVE £9 36%OFF
Rainwater Downpipe Kit
Max/Min Thermometer
Max/Min Thermometer
+ £7
Qty 1
Water Butt Connecting Kit
Water Butt Connecting Kit
+ £17
Qty 1

8: Black Cresting

Vitavia Black Roof Cresting
Vitavia Black Roof Cresting

Complete the look of your Vitavia greenhouse with ridge crestings

+ £115

9: Bar Capping

Capping replaces the wire clips that hold your glass in the greenhouse frame.

Glazing Bar Capping
Glazing Bar Capping

Adding Bar Capping to your greenhouse makes the glazing fully secure in the frame. This is particularly advantageous with Polycarbonate that can flex in windy conditions.

+ £139

10: Greenhouse Flooring

The Fastfit 8x12 Greenhouse Floor Kit is the most cost effective and simple way of providing a level floor for your Greenhouse.

Fastfit 8x12 Greenhouse Floor Kit
Fastfit 8x12 Greenhouse Floor Kit

The 8x12 Greenhouse Floor Kit comes with a simple to construct click together system complete with water permeable membrane to provide essential drainage for your greenhouse whilst keeping the weeds at bay. Quick and easy preparation means no waiting times for concrete to dry.

NOTE: This kit must be placed on a level and compacted surface that will not subside. It is essential that a greenhouse is built onto a hard, level surface to ensure stability and a long working life.

NOTE: Our fitters only install greenhouses onto slabs or concrete and therefore is not compatible with this floor kit.

+ £330

Vitavia 8x12 Neptune 9900 Greenhouse - Polycarbonate Glazing