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Evika Greenhouses

Evika Greenhouses

Evika Greenhouses are the new name in UK manufactured greenhouses.

Evika Standard Features:

  • 3mm Thick UV Stabilised Clear Acrylic Glazing
  • Glazing Strips
  • Integral Base Plinth
  • Low Threshold Entrance
  • 1x Automatic Roof Vent
  • 1x Slatted Louvre Window Vent
  • Gutters and Downpipes
  • Seed Trays and Racks (6x2 Model)
  • 2-3 Day Delivery

The Evika G1 Greenhouse range consists of 3 models currently. There is an 8x6, a 6x4 and a slim 6x2 greenhouse available in Silver Aluminium, Pale Green and Squirrel Grey colour finishes.

Clear UV safe Acrylic Glazing - Delivered within 21 working days.

One feature that makes the Evika Greenhouses unique is the glazing. The material used is not glass, or polycarbonate, but a material called SAN, or Styrene Acrylonitrile, it’s full name. This glazing is clear, just like glass and rigid, like glass, just without the safety concerns and delicate nature of the material. This makes it ideal for family gardens where small children are around, nurseries and public places where health and safety concerns are paramount.

The glazing is held in place with Glazing Strips rather than traditional wire glazing clips, keeping the glazing firmly in the frame.