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Gardenico Self Watering Tomato Climber Pot 29cm

Gardenico Self Watering Tomato Climber Pot 29cm
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Box Diagram


A: Depth

290mm (0′ 11″)

B: Width

290mm (0′ 11″)

C: Height

1090mm (3′ 7″)

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  • 290mm (11") Wide Self-Watering Planter
  • Height Adjustable Trellis
  • 14 Litre Capacity
  • Ideal for Indoor, Patios or Outdoor Spaces
  • Self-Watering System: With an integrated water reservoir.
  • 95% Recycled Polypropylene Construction.
  • 2 Sizes Available

The Gardenico Self-Watering Tomato Climber Pot 29cm opens a new chapter in gardening convenience. Agriculturists and hobbyists alike can cherish the delight of fresh, sun-ripened Tomatoes, Herbs, and Chilis harvested right from their balcony or backyard. This self-sufficient planter minimizes maintenance while providing a reliable growing environment for your plants.

The 29cm Wide Gardenico Self-Watering Tomato Planters come with an integrated water reservoir. The smart wicking mechanism keeps your plants perfectly hydrated. A bag of Vermiculite accompanies each pot, promoting efficient water absorption and distribution across the roots for hearty growth. As your green friends reach for the skies, the support adjusts accordingly, ensuring a steady, well-guided ascent up to a full meter above the ground

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Gardenico Self Watering Tomato Climber Pot 29cm