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Palram Triomphe Garden Chalet

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T-Shaped Greenhouse Diagram

Greenhouse Dimensions

A: Greenhouse width

3030mm (9′ 11″)

B: Greenhouse depth

4540mm (14′ 11″)

C: Ridge height

2850mm (9′ 4″)

D: Eaves height1900mm

E & F: Door Size

1470mm (4′ 10″) x 1900mm (6′ 3″) (aperture)

G: Porch Width

3030mm (9′ 11″)

H: Porch Depth

7730mm (25′ 4″)

Minimum Base Size

4540mm (14′ 11″) x 3800mm (12′ 6″)

Slide-In Glazing System

Palram Harmony Sliding Panel

Palram - Canopia Greenhouses benefit from this neat glazing system where the polycarbonate just slides into a groove within the frame. Once the panel is in it's literally sandwiched within the frame. Great for wind resistance. No fiddly clips, no glazing strips, no problem!

Crystal Clear Polycarbonate Glazing

Crystal Clear Polycarbonate Glazing is unique to Palram - Canopia greenhouses. It is as clear as glass yet virtually unbreakable and shatterproof. This glazing is ideal for a family garden where safety is paramount. 100% UV protected so will not discolour.

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  • 4.54m (14ft 9") Wide Aluminium Greenhouse - Spacious and Stylish.
  • Grey Aluminum Frame - No rust or maintenance.
  • Galvanised Steel Base Included - Gives Rigidity and Strength
  • Low Threshold Base Entry - Easy entry with wheelbarrows etc.
  • 2mm Crystal Clear Acrylic Sides - Safe and Shatter-proof
  • 10mm Twin Wall Polycarbonate Roof - Great insulation and UV protection.
  • Locking Hinged Double Doors - For easy access with wheelbarrows or furniture.
  • 2 Automatic Opening Roof Vents - For Ventilation.
  • Integral Gutters - For Rain Water Collection
  • Full Anchoring System - Extra Security.
  • Extra Bracing - For strength in roof and corners.
  • 10 Year Warranty - on frame and base.

The Palram Triomphe Garden Chalet Orangery Greenhouse is a robust T-shaped building with high side walls and vaulted ceilings allowing for up to 9 feet of headroom. This generous layout makes it perfect for creating an outdoor living experience like no other. It's large enough to fit a dining table for meals with your family or friends, or even a cozy lounging area with comfortable seating, perfect for escaping the daily stresses of life.

With the Triomphe T-Shaped Orangery, you can customize how the Large Locking Double Swinging Doors are laid out by adding them on the front or at either side to suit your space. The 10mm Twin Walled Polycarbonate Roof and Solid Acryl Glazing offer noise reduction and an extra level of safety.

This Triomphe Orangery has a 2 Automatic Opening Roof Vents for ventilation, Full Anchoring System and integral gutters.

Not Suitable for Windy or Exposed Positions

If you are in a windy or exposed position we recommend a Glass Greenhouse, preferably a Toughened Glass Greenhouses.

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