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Swallow Falcon Greenhouse Installation

by Matt W (Greenhousestores)

Here's a Swallow Falcon 13ft x 31ft wooden greenhouse being installed for one of our customers.

This particular customer is a care home in the south of England where the residents have raised funds for a new greenhouse. The residents of the care home looked around and then decided on one of our Swallow timber greenhouses. In this case they went for the excellent 13ft wide Falcon model with it’s double doors and huge growing space.

Our customer ordered the greenhouse on the 12th December 2012 and it was delivered and installed on 20th January 2013. It has to be said it was a freezing cold day, but nothing stops Swallow greenhouse installers from getting the job done!

Our customer already had a concrete and slab base built ready for the new greenhouse’s arrival so once the lads from Swallow arrived it was straight to the job of building the greenhouse.

  • swallow falcon installation

    First thing to do is lay out the panels and construct an end elevation. Here the installers start with the back of the greenhouse, attaching a side panel on either side.

  • swallow falcon installation

    Here we see the back of the greenhouse standing with 2 side panels attached. Now on to the front door end of the greenhouse.

  • swallow falcon installation

    With the door end now in place the installers move on to building the roof as the other side panels are fitted into place.

  • swallow falcon installation

    The greenhouse is really starting to take shape now. Once the remaining side panels are in place the roof can be completed.

  • swallow falcon installation

    The roof starts to take shape slowly but surely. You can see how cold it is by looking at the frosty glass!

  • swallow falcon installation

    With the roof completed the Bayliss Automatic Roof vents are fitted and the slatted staging finished.

  • swallow falcon installation

    With the roof completed, the glazing sealed with silicone and the tools back on the truck, the job is complete.

  • swallow falcon installation

    There we have it. A brand new Swallow Falcon 13x31 greenhouse delivered, installed and ready to use.

We love Swallow Greenhouses here at Greenhouse Stores. You simply can’t beat the quality of these hand made timber greenhouses. We offer a Swallow greenhouse to suit most gardens from little 4ft wide lean to greenhouses through to great big greenhouses like this Falcon.

We now offer our customers the facility to buy a brand new Swallow Greenhouse with only a 20% deposit on our website or over the phone. Simply pay your deposit and when your new greenhouse is installed roughly 3 to 4 weeks later you pay the balance. Easy.

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