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Which Lean to Greenhouse?

by Matt W (Greenhousestores)

So you are looking for a lean to greenhouse to fit a certain space in your garden, in your yard or to connect to your house. Which lean to will fit the space you have and more importantly fit your needs as a gardener?

On this page we’ll run through the lean to greenhouses for sale here at Greenhouse Stores to try and help you find the lean to for you.

Small lean to's for small spaces

We are great fans of little lean to greenhouses here at Greenhouse Stores. Why? Well the answer is really simple. If you take a little space on an apartment balcony, in a little back yard or space between your house and garage you can use it for growing tasty vegetables or pretty plants very easily using a little lean to!

Last season we grew cucumbers, courgettes, spinach, borlotti beans, tomatoes and rocket in a little 4ft x 2ft lean to! A very satisfying and fun exercise that we’ll now continue every season, it’s easy!

Vitavia Ida Lean to

These little lean to's from Vitavia are superb. There are 3 sizes available and they are 2ft x 4ft, 2ft x 6ft and 4ft x 8ft. All of these lean to’s are available in anodized silver or an attractive powder coated green as well as a choice of Horticultural or Toughened glazing.

The Ida lean to is a very well made lean to designed for gardeners with limited space. They are ideal for growing all sorts of vegetables, especially tomatoes. We've sold these little Ida lean to’s for quite a few years now and we believe that they are the best small lean to money can buy.

Here are the 3 lean to models:

Vitavia Ida 6ft wide Lean to

Brand new for 2013 from Vitavia are 3 new 6ft wide lean to models. Sizes available are:

6ft x 8ft 6ft x 10ft 6ft x 12ft

These new models have a silver anodized frame with integral base, horticultural or toughened glass, a 4mm polycarbonate roof for safety and double sliding doors. The double doors are very interesting for two reasons. First of all they have a heavy duty cylinder lock for security. Secondly these doors can be positioned as double doors on the front of the greenhouse or split up into two single doors to be positioned at one either side!

Vitavia Helena 9ft wide Lean to

The Brand New for 2013 Vitavia Helena is a 9ft wide lean to made from thick section anodized aluminium. The Helena has an eaves/gutter height of 6ft 1" with full length float glass from floor to eaves giving excellent light transmission for a very warm growing environment. Sizes available are:

9ft x 11ft 9ft x 13ft 9ft x 15ft

The Helena has double locking doors that can be used as double doors at the front of the greenhouse or on either side, to suit you. The roof is made from 10mm thick polycarbonate for safety and heat retention. Another neat feature on this greenhouse is the low threshold entry which makes it easy wheeling in and out barrows or wheelchairs.

Wooden Lean to Greenhouses

Wooden Lean to greenhouses are getting more and more popular it seems as gardeners look to make a real feature of their greenhouses. Traditionally hand made timber greenhouses look beautiful and offer a more natural look than aluminium greenhouses.

We recommend Swallow Wooden Greenhouses as we think they are the best wooden greenhouses available today, at good prices that include installation of your new greenhouses as well ! Swallow greenhouses are hand built in the UK by highly skilled craftsmen to the very highest standard using tanalised Redwood Pine with a 10 year guarantee.

Swallow make 3 different lean to models, a 4ft wide, a 6ft wide and a double doored 8ft wide lean to. Each model includes toughened glass, automatic roof vents, slatted staging, inward opening door with stainless steel handle and mortise lock and a damp barrier.

Another great thing about Swallow greenhouses is that you can have your greenhouse painted to suit your garden or your personal taste. Here’s some examples:

If you have any lean to greenhouse questions just give us a call on 0800 098 8877or have a look at our "Which Greenhouse" guide HERE.