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Elite 6x10 Dwarf Wall Greenhouse - Toughened Glazing

Elite 6x10 Dwarf Wall Greenhouse - Toughened Glazing
FREE Rainkit & Autovent
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Dwarf Wall Brick Greenhouse

  • A Width: 1912mm
  • B Door Width: 644mm
  • C Brick Wall Height: 762mm
  • D Eves Height: 1492mm
  • E Ridge Height: 2325mm

Greenhouse Dimensions

Greenhouse Size Diagram
  • A: 1912mm (6ft 3")
  • B: 3205mm (10ft 5")
  • C: 2325mm (7ft 7")
  • D: 1492mm (4ft 9")
  • E: 644mm (2ft 11")
  • F: 1910mm (6ft 2")

Bespoke Dwarf Wall Greenhouse

Elite 8x8 Dwarf Wall Greenhouse

You specify your precise brick and eaves height. Elite adjust the greenhouse or lean-to from our comprehensive range to your exact requirements.

Please note: The width or pitch of the roof cannot be altered. We will supply a detailed base plan upon receipt of order.

Low Threshold Base

Elite Low Threshold Greenhouse Base

The Low Threshold Base is unique to Elite Greenhouses. It allows you easy access with wheelbarrows and wheelchairs without having to build a ramp. No more tripping over a greenhouse base when carrying plant trays as the entry is at ground level.

Door Handle and Key Lock

Elite Door Lock and Key

Elite Greenhouses now have a handy door handle to make opening your greenhouse easy as well as a proper key lock for security in your garden or on the allotment.

Integral Gutters

Elite Integral Gutters

You’ll find proper gutters on Elite greenhouses rather than narrow channels. These are more effective at gathering up rainwater for your water butt and less likely to get blocked up with leaves.

Diamond Shelving and Staging - Optional

Elite Integral Gutters

The superb Diamond shelving and staging is designed specifically to fit into Elite greenhouses. It’s rigid and hard wearing and built to last. The Staging is supported by cantilever bracing so there are no legs to get in the way. This leaves space underneath to grow plants, store pots and makes using the greenhouse for wheelchair users completely practical. Both staging and shelving can be colour coded to match your new greenhouse.

Toughened Safety Glass

Toughened Safety Glass

Toughened Glass is much stronger than Horticultural glass and won't crack. If it does break it disintegrates into hundreds of small pieces that are unlikely to cause injury, unlike Horticultural Glass which breaks into shards. It's heavy weight also means it's the best glazing option for windy spots and the UK in general!

Full Length Glass (Long Pane)

Toughened Glass is long pane, meaning each panel in your greenhouse is one piece of glass. No unsightly overlaps where dirt and grime can collect and no Overlap Clips to worry about.

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Standard Features Include:

  • 1912m (6ft 3") Wide Aluminium Greenhouse - Ideal Width for most gardens.
  • Aluminum Frame - Maintenance and Rust free.
  • Low Threshold Base - Groung level entry point.
  • 3mm Toughened Glazing - Full Length Grade A EN12150 Standard.
  • High Roof of 7ft 7" - Plenty of Headroom.
  • High Eaves of 4ft 10" - Good growing height.
  • High Door Entry - 6ft 2" high for taller gardeners.
  • Single Sliding Door - 2ft 11" Wide Entry.
  • Door Handle and Lock - Cam Lock with key.
  • 2 Opening Roof Vents - Allowing hot air to escape for Ventilation.
  • 10 Year Warranty - Covers aluminium frame.

The 6ft x 10ft Elite Dwarf Wall greenhouse with it’s 6ft 3" width and 5ft high eaves is designed with traditional looks in mind. These traditional greenhouse looks are achieved using high quality aluminium with non of the maintenance worries associated with a wooden dwarf wall structure.

The Dwarf Wall 6x10 Greenhouse benefits from a sturdy high quality aluminium frame with bracing and strengthening throughout. The double sliding doors have an integral door catch to keep the door shut in high winds or open when you need more ventilation. New features for 2013 include a door handle and a proper key lock for security. It features the Elite Low Threshold Base giving a safe and practical entry for you and all of your gardening bits and bobs.

Elite toughened safety glass gives you peace of mind where children and pets are present and safety is top of the list. Toughened glass simply granulates if broken removing any danger of injury from shards of glass. This Elite Dwarf Wall Greenhouse 6 x 10 has 2 opening roof vents for ventilation, a single sliding door with key lock and integral gutters to collect rain water.

When constructing a wall please only build your brick base once you have an official Elite base plan from Greenhouse Stores. Please note the required wall height is 762mm. Bricks used should be a completely good standard solid engineered brick without holes.

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Free Accessories

  • FREE Standard rainwater kit FREE

    FREE Standard rainwater kit

    Collect rainwater from your greenhouse's gutters with this down pipe kit.



  • FREE Elite Automatic Roof Vent Opener FREE

    FREE Elite Automatic Roof Vent Opener

    This automatic roof vent opener will open your roof vent for you when the greenhouse becomes too humid.



Add Cresting and Finials

  • Aluminium Cresting and Finials

    Aluminium Cresting and Finials

    Add to the finish of your greenhouse by adding cast Aluminium crestings and finials.


    Click to Add

  • Colour Coded Cresting and Finials

    Colour Coded Cresting and Finials

    Add powder coated crestings and finials to match your greenhouse


    Click to Add

Greenhouse Colour

Adding a custom powder coated finish to your new Elite greenhouse will increase the delivery time up to 8 weeks.

Bar Capping

Bar Capping neatly secures your glazing in place making your greenhouse totally wind resistant.


  • Elite Automatic Roof Vent Opener

    Elite Automatic Roof Vent Opener

    This automatic roof vent opener will open your roof vent for you when the greenhouse becomes too humid.



    Click to Add

  • Automatic Louvre Vent Opener

    Automatic Louvre Vent Opener

    This little mechanism attaches to your louvre vent and will open it automatically when your greenhouse becomes too warm.



    Click to Add

  • Standard rainwater kit

    Standard rainwater kit

    Collect rainwater from your greenhouse's gutters with this down pipe kit.


    Click to Add

  • Rainwater kit to one gutter

    Rainwater kit to one gutter

    This kit connects to both gutters and links them together at the rear of your greenhouse to fill your water butt in half the time.


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  • 100 Litre Water Butt with Stand

    100 Litre Water Butt with Stand


    Click to Add

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