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Elite Zenith 800 6x8 Greenhouse

Elite Zenith 800 6x8 Greenhouse
No Base Plinth Needed
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Greenhouse Dimensions

Greenhouse Size Diagram
  • A: 2545mm (8ft 5")
  • B: 1979mm (6ft 5")
  • C: 3160m (10ft 5")
  • D: 1583m (5ft 2")
  • E: 840mm (2ft 10")
  • F: 1910m (6ft 3")
  • Minimum size for your Greenhouse base: 2545mm x 1979mm

All dimensions given above are external measurements.

Low Threshold Base

Elite Low Threshold Greenhouse Base

The Low Threshold Base is unique to Elite Greenhouses. It allows you easy access with wheelbarrows and wheelchairs without having to build a ramp. No more tripping over a greenhouse base when carrying plant trays as the entry is at ground level.

Door Handle and Key Lock

Elite Door Lock and Key

Elite Greenhouses now have a handy door handle to make opening your greenhouse easy as well as a proper key lock for security in your garden or on the allotment.

Diamond Shelving and Staging - Optional

Elite Integral Gutters

The superb Diamond shelving and staging is designed specifically to fit into Elite greenhouses. It’s rigid and hard wearing and built to last. The Staging is supported by cantilever bracing so there are no legs to get in the way. This leaves space underneath to grow plants, store pots and makes using the greenhouse for wheelchair users completely practical. Both staging and shelving can be colour coded to match your new greenhouse.

Toughened Safety Glass

Toughened Glass is much stronger than Horticultural glass and won't crack. If it does break it disintegrates into hundreds of small pieces that are unlikely to cause injury, unlike Horticultural Glass which breaks into shards. It's heavy weight also means it's the best glazing option for windy spots and the UK in general!

Full Length Glass (Long Pane)

Toughened Glass is long pane, meaning each panel in your greenhouse is one piece of glass. No unsightly overlaps where dirt and grime can collect and no Overlap Clips to worry about.

Crestings and Finials

Greenhouse Crestings and Finials

This greenhouse features beautiful crestings in a colour to match your greenhouse, giving it a traditional Victorian greenhouse look.

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Standard Features Include:

  • 2545mm (8ft 5") Wide Aluminium Greenhouse
  • Core Vect Aluminum Frame
  • Cantilever Bracing on every bar
  • 4mm Toughened Glazing
  • Bar Capping as standard
  • Ridge Crestings and Finials
  • 2 Opening Roof Vent
  • Automatic Roof Vent Openers
  • 1 10 Blade Louvre Window Vent
  • Rain water downpipes included
  • Double Sliding Doors
  • Door Handle and Lock
  • 10 Year Warranty
  • Contact us for additional doors and Partition modifications

The 6ft x 8ft Elite Zenith 800 greenhouse with it’s 8ft 5" width combines cutting edge greenhouse design with traditional styling. The greenhouse comes complete with roof crestings and finials with a steep 45 degrees roof pitch to complete the traditional styling.

The Zenith 6x8 Greenhouse has Elites unique Core-Vect aluminium profiles throughout usually found on their Titan models. There are cantilevers on every roof and glazing bar making it one of the strongest greenhouses on the market .

The Elite Zenith 800 has double sliding doors which have an integral door catch to keep the door shut in high winds or open when you need more ventilation. New features for 2015 include a door handle and a proper key lock for security. It features the Elite Low Threshold Base giving a safe and practical entry for you and all of your gardening bits and bobs.

Elite toughened safety glass gives you peace of mind where children and pets are present and safety is top of the list. Toughened glass simply granulates if broken removing any danger of injury from shards of glass. Bar capping as standard also secures your greenhouse glass within the frame making your greenhouse especially wind proof.

Standard features on this Elite Zenith Greenhouse 6 x 8 are 2 automatic opening roof vents and 1 10 Blade louvre vent for ventilation, cresting and finials and integral gutters with downpipes to collect rain water. You can also customize your new greenhouse by having it powder coated in one of 9 colour finishes or Elites fully intergrated staging.

Made in the UK

This greenhouse is made in the UK

Delivery Details:

This Greenhouse is currently being delivered: Within 22 weeks, coloured frames Within 30 weeks

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Recommended Accessories Discount Pack (12% OFF)

Polycarbonate Glazing

  • 6mm Polycarbonate Glazing

    6mm Polycarbonate Glazing

    If safety is a concern, choose 6mm Polycarbonate glazing

    + £268

Greenhouse Colour

Adding a custom powder coated finish to your new Elite greenhouse will increase the delivery time up to 8 weeks.


  • Automatic Louvre Vent Opener

    Automatic Louvre Vent Opener

    This little mechanism attaches to your louvre vent and will open it automatically when your greenhouse becomes too warm.



  • 100 Litre Water Butt with Stand

    100 Litre Water Butt with Stand


Hybrid Panels

  • Elite Hybrid Aluminium Panels

    Elite Hybrid Aluminium Panels

    The Elite Hybrid panels are 585mm tall and offer protection against accidents from strimmers, slips and trips. Panels will be colour coded to your greenhouse