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Juliana Premium 9x14 Dwarf Wall Greenhouse

Juliana Premium 9x14 Dwarf Wall Greenhouse
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Dimensions and Growing Area

Greenhouse Size Diagram
  • A: 2950mm (9ft 7")
  • B: 4390mm (14ft 4")
  • C: 2670mm (8ft 8")
  • D: 1720mm (5ft 6")
  • E: 1370mm (4ft 5")
  • F: 1800mm (5ft 11")

All dimensions given above are external measurements.

Toughened Safety Glass

Toughened Glass is much stronger than Horticultural glass and won't crack. If it does break it disintegrates into hundreds of small pieces that are unlikely to cause injury, unlike Horticultural Glass which breaks into shards. It's heavy weight also means it's the best glazing option for windy spots and the UK in general!

Full Length Glass (Long Pane)

Toughened Glass is long pane, meaning each panel in your greenhouse is one piece of glass. No unsightly overlaps where dirt and grime can collect and no Overlap Clips to worry about.

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Standard Features Include:

  • Aluminium Compact Greenhouse
  • Grey Powder Coated Frame Finish
  • Black Doors, Windows and Fittings
  • Dwarf Wall, build your own or choose our Modular option
  • 3mm Full Length Toughened Safety Glass
  • Black Glazing Capping - No Wire Clips
  • 4x Large Roof Vents
  • Low Threshold Entrance
  • Double Stable Doors with Cylinder Lock
  • Wide Gutters with Leaf Guard
  • 40mm Rainwater Downpipes
  • Thick Section Ridge Bar with Finials
  • 12 Year Manufacturers Warranty
  • Made in Great Britain
  • FREE UK Delivery including Northern Ireland

The NEW Juliana Premium 9x14 Dwarf Wall Greenhouse has been designed with all of the modern features and quality that one would come to expect from a Juliana with an eye to the traditional with it's Dwarf Wall.

The Dwarf Wall creates a strong and unique foundation for your greenhouse. You can choose to build it from your choice of stone or opt for the Modular Dwarf Wall Kit for a more factory look.

The Low Threshold Entrance means that there’s nothing to step over when entering the Orangery. Usually in traditional greenhouse designs there is a high threshold of at least 5" inches to step over when entering the building. The low threshold on the Juliana Orangery means that getting in and out with a wheelchair or a wheelbarrow is safe and straightforward.

The Anthracite Grey Powder Coated Frame on this greenhouse not only looks stunning and helps the greenhouse blend into your garden, it also adds another level of protection to the aluminium frame. This frame finish, complimented by the black doors, windows and fittings makes this one of the best looking greenhouses available today.

Double Stable Doors on this building give a nice look as well as being very handy for effective ventilation during warm weather. The doors feature proper stainless steel door handles and a cylinder lock for security.

3mm Full Length Toughened Safety Glass is the recommended choice for UK gardeners, given the weather conditions we enjoy! It’s full length, limiting drafts, and at the same time being stiffer, cutting down on flexing within the frame. Juliana models are all specified with British Standard BS6206A safety glass. This glass withstands impacts far better than standard greenhouse glass and if it breaks, it shatters into small harmless pebbles that won’t cause serious injury.

Every Juliana Premium is delivered complete with easy to follow illustrated instruction manuals with numbered parts to make home DIY installation easy and straightforward. Should you require your new greenhouse installing by a qualified Juliana installer, please select the option below.

Delivery Details

Delivery with in 4 weeks

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Options: Tap to add, then click "Add to Basket"

Recommended Accessories Discount Pack (10% OFF)

Greenhouse Installation

  • Installation

    Greenhouse Installation

    Have your new greenhouse installed by a certified Juliana greenhouse installer. Please Note: We will only install onto a flat level surface such as slabs, concrete or decking. You may be charged for additional accessories. We currently are unable to install in Ireland.

    + £625

Add Crestings

Modular Wall Kit

  • Modular Wall Kit

    Modular Wall Kit

    If you already have a level concrete, slabbed or decked area but would like a dwarf wall style greenhouse, add the easy build modular wall made from plain fibre concrete panels, that you can cover with timber, decorative brick facings or render

    + £1,550

Juliana Integrated Staging and Shelving

  • Black Integrated Staging SAVE £36 10%OFF

    Black Integrated Staging

    Add full length integrated staging to your Juliana greenhouse



  • Juliana 2 Bay Black Staging with Drawer SAVE £21 10%OFF

    Juliana 2 Bay Black Staging with Drawer

    Juliana's Bay staging attaches directly to the greenhouse frame ensuring that you maintain your floor space which also makes it ideal for wheel chair users. The underside drawer is ideal for storing tools and seeds. 520 x 1416 x 100 mm



  • Juliana 3 Bay Black Staging with Drawer SAVE £28 10%OFF

    Juliana 3 Bay Black Staging with Drawer

    The larger 3 Bay staging features Juliana's refined heavy duty construction with a larger area for your pots. The underside drawer is ideal for storing tools and seeds. Dimensions:2134mm Long x 520mm wide



  • Juliana 3 Bay Black Shelving SAVE £12 10%OFF

    Juliana 3 Bay Black Shelving

    This larger high level shelf fully integrates to the frame of your greenhouse and comes in powder coated black finish. Dimensions: 2126mm length x 150mm Wide



  • Juliana Plant Shelf 360mm SAVE £10 10%OFF

    Juliana Plant Shelf 360mm

    Quirky 360mm plant Shelf



  • Juliana Plant Shelf 760mm SAVE £19 10%OFF

    Juliana Plant Shelf 760mm

    Quirky 760mm Juliana plant shelf



Freestanding Staging and Benches

  • Halls Potting Bench SAVE £11 14%OFF

    Halls Potting Bench

    Add this waist height silver aluminium potting bench to make potting up in your greenhouse a pleasurable task! The potting bench features an open high sided compost tidy and a reversible storage tray below. Dimensions: 1.04m (H) x 560mm (D) x 595mm (W)



  • Halls 3 Tier Seed Tray Stand SAVE £16 20%OFF

    Halls 3 Tier Seed Tray Stand

    Maximise your growing space in the greenhouse with this 3 tier high seed tray stand that holds 15 standard size seed trays. Dimensions: 1120mm (H) x 400mm (D) x 1180mm (W)




  • Automatic Louvre Window Opener SAVE £7 14%OFF

    Automatic Louvre Window Opener

    This clever little mechanism will open your louvre vent for you automatically. If you’re not around and your greenhouse becomes too humid this auto opener will simply open your louvre vent until the temperature is back to the level that you’ve pre-set.



  • Automatic Roof Vent Opener SAVE £5 11%OFF

    Automatic Roof Vent Opener

    An automatic roof vent opener or autovent as they are known is another essential purchase. When you are away from your greenhouse and the temperature inside becomes too warm the autovent will open at your pre-set temperature to cool the greenhouse down. Can be set to open between 16 and 25 degrees C



Useful extras

  • Juliana Kerosene Greenhouse Heater SAVE £8 10%OFF

    Juliana Kerosene Greenhouse Heater

    4.4litre Kerosene heater will last up to 18 hours. For greenhouses up to 15m2.



  • Juliana Rain Water Butt SAVE £37 10%OFF

    Juliana Rain Water Butt

    Collect your rain water in the butt and empty via the tap at the bottom for lime free water!



  • Max/Min Thermometer SAVE £9 31%OFF

    Max/Min Thermometer

    This thermometer will tell you your maximum daytime temperature as well as record the lowest night time temperature in your greenhouse.



  • Juliana Capillary Watering Box Planter SAVE £31 10%OFF

    Juliana Capillary Watering Box Planter

    Suitable for indoor and outdoor use and complete with two piece lid to conceal the water boxes. Capillary action draws the water from the storage tank up into the plants.



  • Juliana Greenhouse Wire Kit SAVE £6 11%OFF

    Juliana Greenhouse Wire Kit

    The Halls Wire Kit contains 2 x 6m plastic coated wires and fixing which are great for use as plant support, shading etc



  • Plant Spirals (3 Pack) SAVE £10 26%OFF

    Plant Spirals (3 Pack)

    Perfect for growing your tomatoes, cucumbers and other tall growing plants needing support. (3 per pack)



  •  Plant Tie Supports SAVE £1 8%OFF

    Plant Tie Supports

    These sturdy steel brackets are designed to hang your plants in your nice warm greenhouse. 10 brackets per pack.



  • Vanlet Greenhouse Irrigation System SAVE £16 15%OFF

    Vanlet Greenhouse Irrigation System

    The Vanlet is a gravity fed watering system that will keep your plants fed and watered when you’re not around to look after them. Supplied complete with mini hoses and connectors to distribute water all around your greenhouse.



  • Solar Powered Automatic Watering System SAVE £10 7%OFF

    Solar Powered Automatic Watering System

    The Solar Powered Automatic Watering System will detect the weather and adjust watering accordingly.



  • Halls Solar Powered Lamp SAVE £4 21%OFF

    Halls Solar Powered Lamp

    A handy Solar powered light with 3 bright LED's which can be used inside and out.



  • Suspension Hooks

    Suspension Hooks

    Great for hanging gloves and tools in your Greenhouse. Pack of 4 hooks with nut and bolts.



  • Halls Pot Holder SAVE £4 21%OFF

    Halls Pot Holder

    Slots into the vertical uprights in your greenhouse. 14cm diameter and can take up to 10kgs. Comes with Nut, Bolt and Bolt protector.



  • Juliana Tablet Holder SAVE £7 26%OFF

    Juliana Tablet Holder

    Easily slots into your vertical uprights and is great for reading instructions while you work or just listening to some music!!



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